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2012 SEASON  


2003 Season Plays

American Treacle

10:17 comedy troupe

An hour of musical sketch comedy written by Bricken Sparacino, Richard Homan, Michael Birch & Natalie Wilder. Music by Richard Homan and Eric Chercover.


Written and directed by Brad Webb and Matt Schapiro

A new comedy with music, two brothers, their dreams, and a few kicks in the testicles. 'Nuff said.

The Colonel's Wife

By Mario Fratti, adapted to "performance-cinema" and directed by Roi Escudero "Bubi." Film by François Bernadi. Music by Francisco Cantilo.
Environmental Theatre de Camara

A passionate Argentinean colonel's widow comes to New York to start a new life.


By Denis McKeown
Directed by Jason Grant

Companions brings us a lively group of blue-collar men and women from Brooklyn, that bastion of Irish-American wit and wisdom. Betty and her friends live life to the fullest, even through dark moments in the 1980s, as life, like fine wine, runs into its vintage years.

Criminal: A Short Tragedy about a Counter-transferential Transference

By Javier Daulte
Translated by Rodrigo Cameron
Directed by Gwynn MacDonald
Juggernaut Theatre Company

A dark comedy in which psychoanalysts and their patients play a perverse game of hide-and-seek in the labyrinth of their relationships and hang-ups.

Favorite Colors

By Scott R. Ritter
Directed by Ernest Abuba

Five former psychiatric hospital patients consume hashish brownies at a party.

(Gone With) Miss Julie

By August Strindberg
Directed and choreographed by Shela Xoregos
Xoregos Performing Company

Strindberg's play transplanted to the Deep South of 1895, text unchanged, with American music, dance, and characters.


Created and performed by Eastcheap Rep.

Post 9/11, Joe and his family must confront the unexpected challenges their new and violently changed reality inflicts. A hit at the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Just Us Boys

By Frank Stancati
Directed by Catherine Lamm

This comedy-drama looks at the lives and loves of five men sharing the chorus dressing room of a new Broadway musical.


Written and performed by Libby Skala

Immigrating from Austria in 1939, Lilia Skala worked her way to an Oscar nomination. Libby Skala captures her grandmother's fascinating life in a heartwarming one-woman show that records the journey of a remarkable woman and the connection between two kindred spirits. CBC TV, Canada called it "Alchemical and transforming!"

My Life in the Trenches

Written and performed by Jill Dalton
Directed by Jack McCullough

A returnee from last year's MITF, Jill Dalton brings an updated version of her one-woman show about an actress struggling to make it in New York.

Nice Guys Finish...

By Eric Alter
Directed by Rob Sullivan
Apricot Sky Productions

Nice Guys Finish... is a fast-paced comedy about dating and relationships.

The Overdevelopment of Scott

Written and directed by Sharon J. Fogarty

This sci-fi anti-musical comedy features a futuristic society where seven genetically altered human "lab rats" struggle to escape a doomed existence.

The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

Based on the novel by Lloyd Alexander
Book and Lyrics by Brian Vinero
Music by Seth Weinstein
Directed by Joel Froomkin
Choreographed by Maria Zannieri

Fully staged concert reading of a romantic musical comedy adventure performed in the style of Chinese Opera.

Stained Glass Ugly

By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Robert Ross Parker
Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company

A play that finally answers that age-old question, "Could she still love me if I accidentally blew off the bottom half of my face?" A two-person play that is aesthetically tragic, yet emotionally kinda funny.

That Play

Adapted by and starring Tom Gualtieri
Co-adaptation and direction by Heather Hill

A one-man version of Shakespeare's Macbeth in 90 minutes. Wild, funny, and frightening. One actor. 19 characters. Macbeth and his Lady. The three weird sisters. Four demonic apparitions. Murder! Mayhem! Suicide! Revenge! What could be more fun?

Thrill Me - The Leopold & Loeb Story

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff
Directed by Martin Charnin
Produced by Jim Kierstead

A musical based on the infamous "thrill killers" Leopold and Loeb.

The $25,000 Pyramid

By Nick Vigorito, Jr.
Produced and directed by Morgan Doninger

Comedy about two brothers who get into trouble with the Mob over some overdue gambling debts.

Waiting for the Glaciers to Melt

By Brian Lane Green

The different personas of one man's tortured psyche emerge and take shape forcing him to face his past and his future. Is he delusional? Or is he on a path toward peace?

Walking Through the Night

By Harry Kim
Directed by Christopher Petit

Members of a Korean-American family search for identity across personal, political, and temporal divides.

What Men Talk About (While Women Make Us Wait)

Singing Cattle Productions
Directed by Topping Haggerty

NYC's only all-male, all-improvised 60-minute one-act. Never the same show twice!

Who Am I

By Rodney E. Reyes
Cuchipinoy Productions

A somewhat existential work about seeking answers but not always knowing the questions - and where God is the straight man.

The Winner: A Brooklyn Fable

Book by Ines Basso Glick and Annmarie Fabricatore
Music and lyrics by Stanley Glick

In 1957, Domenick Morelli, Brooklyn barber and lifelong Dodgers fan, is hit with a double blow - his daughter and his Dodgers are both trying to leave home. When fate smiles on him, he devises a plan to keep his world from changing, but can only save one love at the expense of another. What's a father/baseball fan to do?