2012 SEASON  


2005 Season Plays
21 Stories: A Broadway Tale

A couple of misfits find their relationship unfolds like a Broadway musical ... and they can't stop the music.

Billy Youngblood is a knock around soccer player from Northern England with a passion to make it on The Great White Way. Margaret Evans is a tomboy from small town Texas with delusions of finding her dead father. These two misfits collide in The Big Apple and together they embark on a magical journey in pursuit of their dreams and the perfect musical. We follow them as they drop into fantasy sequences of all the mega musicals and test their hope, friendship and love... and find that life isn't always something to sing about. Written by G.W. Stevens. (contains explicit language)

Actor. Comedian. Negro.

Humor + race + absurdism + (Baron Vaughn) = this show

Baron Vaughn delivers an autobiographical examination of the everyday life of a black man as seen through the lens of blackness. Baron teams with none other but himself to preach on racial politics, absurdism, and how black is back. Written, directed and performed by Baron Vaughn.

An Equity Showcase 

Apathy: The Gen X Musical

The "HAIR" of the 90's that bit you!

Follow the wacky adventures of a drug dealing vamp and her friends (a manic slacker, a goth chick, a party slut, a closet case, and her cuckold boyfriend) as they smoke dope, trip on acid, undermine authority, and treat anything "PC" with insane irreverence! F*CK RENT!

Words and Music by Mickey Zetts
Directed by Paul D'Alessandria
Featuring: Fiona Choi, Ethan Gomez, Samantha Leigh Josephs, Ryan G. Metzger, Matt Miniea, Duncan Pflaster, Sami Rudnick*

An Equity Showcase

The Baby is Blue

Sometimes tragedy is a tune that's stuck in your head.

Steve is haunted by the distant memory of his little sister. Angel can't escape the song he wishes he'd never written. How far will they go to deny their shared pasts?

Written by Matt Schatz
Directed by S. Caden Hethorn
Incumbo Theater Company
Cast: Ethan Baum, Ayelet Blumberg, Mark Montgomery, Elizabeth Schmidt*

Black Panther Women

The play Black Panther Women is a moving play about how male chauvinism, political infighting and sexism, all contributed partially to the demise of the great 1960s political movement the Black Panther Party. In the production, as in real life, the women leaders ended up standing by their men at the same time they found empowerment. This dramatic play has music of the times throughout it. 

Cervix With A Smile

A provocative new musical for adults only, serving you a sampling of the many perversions of sex and power, not to mention ordinary kitchen utensils.

Elisa DeCarlo, star of last year's hit "Toasted," brings you perverts, pansies, politics and preachers...not to mention sex with chickens and how to torture your mate with household items. Outrageous songs that range from Dream Date with Jesus, to Love Lobotomy to Donald Rumsfeld, You Blow Me Away. A collection of original songs and monologues that go where few people dare to go, but are really happy that they were there for the ride.

Performed by Elisa DeCarlo
Book & Lyrics by Elisa DeCarlo
Music by Elisa DeCarlo and Ellen Mandel

Cex and the Sity

A parody of the HBO series “Sex in the City”

”Cex and the Sity” is a parody of the popular cable show “Sex in the City”. It deals with fashion, femininity, relationships and the mishaps that come with each. The show takes real issues and gives them a sense of humor.

Created and Produced by Robin Ackerman and Marjorie Suvalle
Written by Rick Suvalle
Directed by Michael Ormond
Original Music by: Joshua Rosali
Cast: Elizabeth Bowden, Sam Dingman, Chris Flynn, Theresa Fowle Jim Longo, Jay Spece, Marjorie Suvall 

Charles and Diana: The Musical

A retelling of the Princess Diana story as a Carousel-like musical fantasy drama.

Princess Di meets her Guardian Angel and gets a second chance to live her life over again in this musical fantasy drama recounting her tumultuous reign as both the world’s goodwill ambassador and spurned wife plagued by inner demons.

(World Premiere)
Music and Book by Lewis Papier
Lyrics by Mary Sullivan Struzi
Directed by Clyde Baldo
Cast: Michael Digioia*, Amanda Ladd, Rob Resnick*, Kate Greer*, Tracy Rosten* Kenneth Garner,* Natalie Delena, Kiirsten Kuhi*, Amy Russ*, Monica Russell, Alan Ostroff

An Equity Showcase 

Cosmos/Ethos: From Bris to Abyss

Solo performers Robin Goldfin and Aaron Petrovich, in a double bill, make playful philosophical inquiries into the representation of truth in art and the meaning of living.

Goldfin portrays a Talmudic Scholar of art who questions the member-ship of our most sacred images, revealing a truth that lies hidden beneath the canvas, and then Petrovich awakens, beneath the canvas of reality, to an accidental universe organized entirely by chance, and is still there now, questioning, questioning.

A Cosmic Mishap in an Accidental Universe in America written and performed by Aaron Petrovich

The Ethics of Rav Hymie Goldfarb (world premiere-done as a workshop in Israel) written and performed by Robin Goldfin 

The Criminal Perspective / No Parole

Redefine your crime.

"The Criminal Perspective" uses sociology, journalism, documentary and performance to sharpen society’s perception of crime and criminals. Based on interviews with inmates and law-enforcement, interviewees speak for themselves and redefine crime from personal experiences.

"No Parole" is about a son and his relationship with his estranged mother. It’s about coming to terms with what we’re dealt, and finding the acceptance and humor in all of life. It opens on the day the mother arrives to live with him after many years apart. She is destitute now, and suddenly has responsibility. There is a tumultuous history full of love and crime. The son embarks on a vivid journey through his life while his current reality forces the action of the play to move forward in leaps and bounds towards it conclusion.

"No Parole" written, performed and directed by Carlo D'Amore 


Songs and Searches based on the poetry of Barbara DeCesare

Five actresses give voice to a contemporary Everywoman as she grapples with love, sex, motherhood, Mom, insanity, death -- and love. The subtle humor and dark lyricism of Barbara DeCesare’s poetry map the chaotic landscape between adulthood and maturity.

(World Premiere – previously done as staged readings)
Conceived by Ari Laura Kreith and David Wolfson
Music by David Wolfson
Words by Barbara DeCesare
Directed by Ari Laura Kreith
Cast: Jennie Eisenhower*, Amy Hutchins*, Maree Johnson*, Gayla D. Morgan*, Suzan Postel*

An Equity Showcase 

End Caligula

When a ruler knows no bounds, the administration takes politics into its own hands - because sleeping with horses is just plain wrong.

“End Caligula” details the final days of the Emperor Caligula, and the two senators who seek to end his life, because sleeping with horses is just plain wrong.

Presented by Unartistically Frustrated Productions 

Feasting on Cardigans

A comedic Sci-Fi parable about parenthood and Mothra. "Be safe. Wear cotton."

Moths are wreaking havoc on the closets of New York. Exterminators Haff and Rose-Marie are on the front lines. Rose-Marie wants a baby and feels Haff would be the ideal contributor, but that really bugs his fiancé.

(World Premiere)
By Mark Eisman
Directed by Amy Henault
Cast: Ian Pfister*, Kate Sandberg*, Katie Barrett*, Andrea Gallo*, Tyler Samuel Lee. Oberon Theatre Ensemble

An Equity Showcase.

Fell in Love with a Girl

Dishonesty is the best policy...

Forget war, in today's day and age, dating is hell and dishonesty is the best policy. Siskind's darkly humorous play looks at love, friendship, and other landmines of dating in the 21st century. Boy meets girl is never as simple as you think...

Written by Samara Siskind
Directed by Ryan Brown
Produced by The WAIT Company
Featuring Amanda Clayton, Meagan Gordon, Mike Kulbieda, Anthony Saracino

Flyers and Other Tales

A peek at what it’s like to be invisible.

They shove flyers in your hand, entertain you on subways, and help you go to heaven ... whether you want to or not. Told with a vaudville wit, these darkly comic one-acts lay bare the everyday mania of the folks that live in your peripheral vision.

Written by: Kate Marks
Directed by: Heidi Handelsman
An Equity Showcase

Four for the Office

A collection of 3 short plays and a monologue inspired by the authors' work experiences in New York City's corporate offices.

"Four for the Office" is a collection of three short plays and a monologue inspired by the authors' work experiences in New York City's corporate offices. This collection is a unique balance of comedy, gravity and and fun! 

The Girls Who Wore Black

While Kerouac was breaking rules, these women were breaking ground...

The women of the Beat Generation are the epitome of cool. They were black stocking hipsters, renegade artists, intellectual muses and gypsy poets who changed our culture forever. Step inside their world in this fusion of drama and poetry. (World Premiere)

Adapted by JoEllen Notte from the writings of Elise Cowen, Diane di Prima, Joyce Johnson, Hettie Jones, Leo Skir and Anne Waldman
Directed by JoEllen Notte
Cast: Nicole Carpino, Anna Howland, Margaux Laskey, Michele Weiss, Beth White

Glory Road

Inspired by Moliere’s Tartuffe, "Glory Road" examines the rise of a television ministry.

Inspired by Moliere’s Tartuffe, "Glory Road" examines the rise of a television ministry and loss of spiritual values along the way. Stoner corrupts the simple country family in order to take over the ministry for himself.

Book and Lyrics by Greg Senf
Music by Gregory Max
From an idea by Jamie Heck
Directed by George Wolf Reily
Musical direction by Jeremy Rosen
Cast: Chet Carlin*, Beth Chiarelli, Michael Finkelstein*, Kristen Hammer, Barbara Litt*, Jeannine Otis, Eric Petersen,*Jessie Thatcher

An Equity Showcase 

The Goat Song

A loose adaptation of Euripides’ Medea, featuring Zelda Fitzgerald and ancient Greek trivia.

"The Goat Song" is a loose adaptation of Euripides’ Medea. While mourning her husband’s betrayal, Medea meets a handsome psychiatrist and Zelda Fitzgerald. A scholar observes the drama, offering the audience useful trivia about ancient Greece and the Roaring Twenties.

Written by Kimberly Patterson
Directed by Jill Jichetti
Produced by Lifeblood Theater Company
Cast: Sarah Doudna, Megan Hutten, Ingrid Nuñez, Bryan Ponemon*

An Equity Showcase

Good Opinions

A coat check girl is mysteriously able to predict a NY Times theatre critic’s reviews.

A coat-check girl in a theatre-district restaurant mysteriously, unknowingly anticipates the reviews of a New York Times theatre critic. A top Broadway director figures this out and a “convenient” romance ensues.

(World Premiere)
Written by Anne Fizzard
Directed by Katrin Hilbe
Featuring Nicole Taylor*, Marc Geller*, Stephen Morfesis, Andrew Dawson*, Oliver Conant, Kevin Stapleton*, Joan Pelzer*, and Wende O'Reilly

An Equity Showcase 

Grieving for Genevieve

Three sisters and their mother. It is Delilah’s third wedding. But who’s counting.

The Peck sisters and their mother gather for middle sister Delilah’s wedding. It’s her third try (each time with a member of her band.) Oldest sister, Danni, arrives unexpectedly. She is not in the wedding. Youngest sister Angel, a nun, is. Their mother Genevieve, wants all the girls to pull together and help each other. By the end of the play they do so in a way none of them expected.

(World Premiere)
Written by Kathleen Warnock
Directed by Peter Bloch
Cast: Derin Altay*, Karen Stanion, Susan Barnes Walker, Jo Anne Bonn*

An Equity Showcase

Guns, Shackles & Winter Coats

A powerful play about a soldier's struggles with PTSD and homelessness.

This play is a story of Sgt. John Brown’s struggles with Post-traumatic stress disorder. He is a veteran of war in Iraq. The audience will be moved by this powerful tale, which is filled with humor and real-life events.

Written by M. Stefan Strozier
Directed by Alan Kanevsky
Sound/Light Tech: Leck Dzie
Artistic Director: Jean-Claude Villareal
Produced by La Muse Venale, Inc.
Cast: Chris Sorensen, Anita Anthonj, Penny Bittone, Johnpaul, Damian Ladd, Yza Shady, Joe Wissler

How to Ride Roller Coasters

Life takes the Lee family for a ride, as Tina learns to navigate roller coasters and her father’s cancer.

When Tina’s father recommends a collection of “short sleeves” by Graham Greene, Tina thinks nothing of it. After all, word fumbles are part of the norm when you’re raised by immigrants. Only when a medical check-up reveals cancer does Tina realize she’s in for a big ride. An exploration of memory, love and the US health care system.

Written and Performed by Tina Lee
Music: Darryl Gregory
Directed by: David Godbey

Inside Cherry Pitz

The Adventures of an All-American Bombshell

Wigs and costumes fly in this epic, one-woman comedy about a plucky heroine, who escapes her hometown of Nowheresville USA to become a mega-wattage star in Tinseltown.

Written and performed by Cyndi Freeman
Co-Written and Co-Created by Zack Stratis
Directed by Cheryl King
Musical director: Hector Coris

Invisible Child

A unique blend of monologues, music, and dance about a woman who gave up her soul so her mother could see her.

Meet Ginger, a woman who wants to please everyone and loses herself in the process. In an epiphany of monologue, music and dance, the artist in her soul cries out to escape the attorney she has become. A unique work that will move you, surprise you, and make you think.

World Premiere)
Written and Performed by Lisa Barri
Directed and Choreographed by Don Johanson
Original Score by William Catanzaro
With Dancers: Tabitha Boulding, Robera Mathes, and Karlen Schreiber

It's Only A Play

Terrence McNally's hilarious satire of the theatre

From the producers and director of last year's critical hit "The Subject Was Roses" comes Terrence McNally's uproarious satire of the theatre. The New York Times says "Among the funniest lines to roll off a stage in years!"

Written by Terrence McNally
Produced by Jack Dowd in association with John Capo Productions
Directed by John Capo
Cast: Yuval David, Frederick Hamilton, Cynthia Henderson, Betty Hudson, Sheila Mart, Charles Marti, Glenn Peters, John Squire

Jackie Undressed

This is the Jackie Kennedy you’ve never seen before!

January 1961 - Inauguration Day. Jackie Kennedy arrives in the White House for the Inaugural Ball. But what happens to the new First Lady when she is suddenly served a cocktail of sex, lies and betrayal mixed with an intoxicating shot of politics, religion and God, as she’s thrust into the limelight of the world’s stage?

Written and performed by Andree Stolte
Directed by Michael Schiralli
Bouffant wig and make up design by Jason Hayes


A provocative three way gay play that explores the power and the destructiveness of the male libido.

Three gay men meet up in a bar for an evening of fun and adventure, an evening which changes their destiny forever. "Leftovers" taps into sexual compulsiveness, friendship, jealousy, loneliness, and the struggles and vulnerabilities of living a gay lifestyle in New York City.

(World Premiere)
Written by Vincent Caruso
Directed by James Martinelli
An Equity Showcase.


A one woman show of dance, theatre and song about the ups and downs of that wonderful "Change of Life" called Menopause! Not for women only!

"MentalPause" is a one woman show of dance, theatre and song that will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time, as it pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of losing control of body and mind.

Written, choreographed & performed by Margaret Liston
Directed by Merri Milwe
Produced by Margaret Liston and Jane Dubin

A Musical Journey with the Songs of Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill and Charles Aznavour

Vickie Phillips and Gerry Dieffenbach with Book by Bob Ost This Critically acclaimed show returns . . .

The Journey continues . . . The performances are filled with humor, a roller-coaster of emotions, and a powerful connection to the Jewish soul, complimented by the music of Brel, Weill and Aznavour.

not a nice girl / Rights of Man

"not a nice girl" written and performed by Cheryl King, with "Rights of Man" written and performed by Aaron Petrovich.

In "not a nice girl", stand-up philosopher Carol Kincaid rises as Aphrodite through the patriarchal forces that constrain her, delivering an always warm, often hilarious manifesto on sex, marriage, and the pursuit of passion. Aaron Petrovich then provides a chilling challenge to the male-dominant forces that constrain us, in his arresting epilogue, "The Rights of Man"

Old Words, New Words

In the year 2030, some things have changed, some not.

In 2030, Alice's resolve to leave the U.S. is explored when her constitutional law professor requests Alice to be his assistant. Mary Goulet's startling new drama weaves patriotism, duty, estranged marriages, quality of life, and love into a gripping story.

(World Premiere)
Written by Mary E. Goulet
Directed by Jesse L. Kearney, Jr.
Cast: Sarah M. Wilson; Jesse L. Kearney, Jr.; Danielle Fisk; Laura Heidinger; Corey Jay Moran

On The Couch With Nora Armani

An '04 Festival Sellout! Nora's back on the couch.

With humor and nostalgia, Nora remembers the Bosphorus and Istanbul, pre-1915 Anatolian summers, Alexandria and its port, Nasser’s post-revolution Egypt, Hollywood and its follies. Now, if she could only remember herself...

Written and performed by Nora Armani
Directed by François Kergourlay

Passin' Time / Just Short of A Beauty

Life is a journey that has a purpose: for some the journey is short; for others it takes a lifetime; and others may never get it. We have nothing to loose when we break the cycle and push forward. Women fulfilled.

"Passin' Time": A snapshot into the lives of Blue, Joy, Boogie, and Z; How they pass the time that life has given them. What lessons will they learn or not - will they break the cycle?

"Passin' Time" written and performed by Khemali Murray; directed by Chuck Patterson

"Just Short of a Beauty": On a dare Diane entered a scholarship pageant. "You'll never win", they said, "you're too short", "you don't have the pageant looks", etc. She entered and won.

"Just Short of A Beauty" written and performed by Diane Gioseffi; directed by Cheryl King 

Peace Now

In May 1970, Vietnam War protestors take over their college’s administration building.

In May of 1970, students at a Northeastern University take over their administration building to protest the Vietnam War. They argue, flirt, debate, chant, plot and sing for three days until it all boils to a surprising conclusion.

Written and directed by Tom Peterson
Exit 69 Productions
Cast: Michael C. Maronna*, Frank Harts*, Carter Jackson*, Genia Michaela*, Cameron Blair*, Cameron Peterson*, Matthew Decapua*, Christian Pedersen*, Adrianne Rae-Rodgers*, Kim Shaw

An Equity Showcase

Penny-4-Eyes Rock N' Roll Show

Rock therapy for a new generation!

This is the story of Penny, an ambitious fourteen year old girl determined to break the dysfunctional cycles of her abusive parents, and let it all go.

Starring: Christiana Anbri, Vachelle Gil, Sasha Toro, Lady Altovise, Chris Reed and Lucia Giannetta
The Band: Jimi K. Bones on Guitar, Andy Galore on Bass, Andrew Shantz on Keys, Aaron Brooks on Drums and DJ Brendan Peck

Revolutionary Chicken

An intimate spectacle of the Chinese Cultural Revolution told through circus, puppetry and masks!

Rob Lok seeks to recreate the story of his family’s escape from Mao Zedong’s Communist China in his new multimedia piece, which combines puppetry, mask and circus arts to turn his tale of familial persecution and exodus into an experiment in physical comedy.

Created and performed by Rob Lok
Visual and Sounds: Kris Anton
Design Consultant: Spencer Moy

Santa Claus Is Coming Out...or How The Gay Agenda Came Down My Chimney

It's Christmas in July -- and Santa's Gay!

Santa Claus is Coming Out is a mock-u-mentary about the worldwide scandal surrounding the outing of Santa Claus. With the help of puppets, multimedia and music, Writer-Performer Jeffrey Solomon conjures a cast of dozens in a show theatremania.com calls "Charming and Hilarious…. thought-provoking and genuinely moving."


Two brothers with a dark past.

Set in downtown Manhattan, "Savior" focuses on a contemporary family. Patrick is in a bind: his wife Katie wants kids, and his alcoholic movie star brother Kevin wants the truth about their childhood. A moving and wildly funny portrait of urban adults.

Written by Daniel R. O'Brien
Directed by Christopher Carter Sanderson
Produced by Tragicomic Theatre
Cast: Jy Murphy,* Hilary Howard,* Jeff Barry*

An Equity Showcase 

Sex & Sealing Wax

About sex roles, and the roles sex plays in our lives.

"Sex and Sealing Wax" is a provocative solo show about sex roles. Seven characters grapple with the way they see themselves in the media mirror. To redefine themselves, they must confront assumptions that just don’t go away.

(World Premiere)
Performed by Romy Nordlinger
Written by Adam Burns and Romy Nordlinger
Directed by Julie Troost 

Sex, Cellulite & Large Farm Equipment

Solo performance by River Huston, author, poet and girl with a big mouth

River performs a hilarious one-woman show, based on her experiences as a sex columnist & educator, as well as an arrest for obscenity, running a marathon, living with HIV, dating, marriage, moving to the country and financial ruin. If you have had a bad day or a bad decade, this show will make you laugh.

Written and performed by River Huston
Directed by Cheryl King 

Shakespeare is Dead

A twisted, edgy love story about two down and out artists battling their demons in a cramped apartment in Hell's kitchen.

A man and a woman, together for seven years, share the ups and downs of life as struggling artists in Hell's Kitchen. A provocative, psychologically intense story of two people trying to overcome their demons as they desperately try to re-discover the love that was shattered by a terrible tragedy.

Written by Orran Farmer
Directed by Chris Chaberski
Cast: Chelsea Lagos and Luke Rosen
Presented by Eastcheap Rep

The Soldier's Fiddle

A producer loses control, of himself and his show, when his artists go on strike--during the performance.

The Soldier’s Fiddle, based on the ballet “The Soldier’s Tale,” by Igor Stravinsky, is a farce. Ribeau plays all the characters, including a producer desperately trying to launch a performance in the face of a string of hilarious obstacles.

Written by Stephen Rosenfield & Ribeau
Performed by Ribeau 

Soul To Keep

Old Cal, instructor to the new souls, is about to learn all the lessons of life himself - or will he harden his heart forever?

Cal, along with Moses (Harriet Tubman) and the “Soultations,” help a new soul acquire all the tools needed for life below the sky...or do they? With interference from Cal’s brother, Lucifer, Cal learns the tools of life for himself.

Written, co-produced and performed by Joyia D. Bradley
Also featuring BJ Wheeler a.k.a."Priest"
Co-produced by Joan Liman
Directed by Alexandra Lopez
EB Productions and Limanade Productions

Spit It Out!

A comic and endearing story of the transformational power of friendship

"Spit It Out!" is a comical and endearing look at an unlikely friendship between two women that develops when their paths in life collide. "Spit It Out!" is a story of the transformational power of friendship.

Writers: Amy Coleman and Valerie Smaldone
Directed by Sarah Gurfield
Musical Director: Donna Kelly
Featuring Amy Coleman* Valerie Smaldone* Stephen Bienskie*, and
The Spit it Out! Blues Band: Andy Bassford, Donna Kelly
Two Sides of a Coin Productions

An Equity Showcase

Under My Apron

What’s under YOUR apron?

“Under My Apron” is a hilarious and touching slice of life about waiters and the people they wait on. You’ll love all the characters you’ll meet and you just might find yourself wondering “What’s under your own apron?”

Written and directed by Debbie Williams
Produced by RealArts
Cast: Ron Williams*, Kristen Egan*, Jessa Watson*, Corey Greenan*, Debbie Williams*, Kevin Starzynski, Maria Couch*

An Equity Showcase

When Silence Explodes: Fetus / Don't Break Your Egg

Two solo shows...The first about big dreams, the second about dealing with reality.

"When Silence Explodes: Fetus."

(World premiere)
Written and performed by Rada Angelova
Creative consultant: Cheryl King

Can you hear them? Two girls who are just out of high school talk about their biggest dreams. One wants to be the first white Hip-Hop female artist to earn the respect of the biggies. The other: she just wants to be American. This new solo show probes the meaning of "American" and takes a fresh look at life in the Country of Opportunity.

"Don't Break Your Egg"
Written and performed by Christine Fall

Trying to write a show about your inability to get things done isn't easy - just ask Chris Fall. You'd think she would learn. A cross between Ellen Degeneres, Spalding Gray and Fozzie Bear, Christine's insights, excuses, and distractions are always hilarious and this time they actually saved a man's life.

2005 Season Readings
My Knight in Shining Armor

A one-woman show by and starring Deborah Louise Ortiz

Panel: “Crossing Barriers: When Is Latino Not Latino Enough?” with writer/actress Deborah Louise Ortiz, executive director of HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Actors) Manny Alfaro, Nancy Kim program manager for Non-Traditional Casting Project and Argentinean director Susana Tubert. Moderated by Bob Ost.

Space Oddity and Anthropophagus

Allen Davis III presents two one-act plays by Henry Guzman -- Space Oddity directed by Mariana Carreño

Panel: “Politics & Culture: Contemporary Influences on Latino Peformance Art,” with director Mariana Carreña, writer Henry Guzman, director/scholar Milton Loayza, and performance artist Carmelita Tropicana. Moderated by Allen Davis III.

My Life As an Island

Mama Chola Productions presents a reading of a new musical by Lisa Aviva Bleviss honoring love & the Cuban spirit

Panel: “The Latino Beat: Many Rhythms, Many Influences”