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2012 SEASON  


2006 Season Plays


A woman injured in an accident returns home to deal with her loss of identity.

Liza returns to her childhood home to visit her young niece. This isn't an ordinary homecoming: a recent accident has left her permanently disabled. She faces an uncertain future, realizing her superficial identity is inextricably tied to her physical image.


Three ways to say goodbye without ever having to say you’re sorry.

A trio of one-act plays: "Cheesequake Revelations" By Marcus Davidson Where the L-word means large fries "A Transitory Feast" By Dena Douglass Words of Auld Lang Syne over whiskey and Wheaties "Shutterbug" By Edward Musto Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 

The Answer Is Horse

Abu Ghraib, My Lai, New Haven. What would you do?

In Based on Dr. Stanley Milgram's "Obedience to Authority" experiments and other sources, this multimedia play investigates human nature like a jazz theme and variations, riffing on the ramifications of Migram's findings and examining their continued shockwaves in a post-Abu Ghraib society.


A lively, comedic piece which examines the breakdown of an Italian American family in Brooklyn.

Set during the Christmas holidays, Nicky LaRocca is suffering the recent loss of his mother. This loss opens up his faithless marriage to his wife Rosie, his bitter relationship with his father, and his father's new girlfriend.

Das Brat

Just because you went to Europe doesn't mean you're not white trash.

Jarrod returns from Berlin with opinions on bratwurst, humiliation, and tipping etiquette. But before he can think things through, Ekatarina, his former girlfriend, bursts onto the scene wanting money for their illegitimate child. An unusual take on love, loss, and one man's attempt at transformation and transcendence, Das Brat features dance, prayer, spooning, rap, and the odd massage. The net result is something hopeful, funny, and sincere.

Fleeing Katrina

A collection of monologues which tracks astounding journeys spawned by America’s most epic natural/manmade disaster.

Many of civilization's most compelling narratives are those of the journey. Hurricane Katrina spawned countless staggering stories, including thousands of astounding journeys. "Fleeing Katrina" is a series of monologues tracing various odysseys of lives scattered in the wake of America's most epic disaster, journeys not only borne of tragedy, but equally charged with humanity, heroics, and even humor.

The Girls Of Summer

In 1945, the coach of an all black female baseball team is found dead.

In 1945, during the men's baseball strike, an all black female baseball team is assembled to play the Rockford Peaches in an exhibition game - when their coach is mysteriously found dead - racism, deceit and betrayal come to light as this drama unveils.

In A Bucket Of Blood

In a Bucket of Blood who can you trust? Issues of loyalty and betrayal become paramount among the Hell's Kitchen Irish mob in the 1980s.

Late at night in a Hell's Kitchen bar, Eddie Carey waits for his boss. He learns of a neighborhood killing and from a series of visitors, real and imagined, tries to determine if his boss is still loyal to him.

Invisible Child

Redefine your crime. A conversation for one voice and three dancers - will you dare to follow your dreams?

"Invisible Child" is an exciting, imaginative and very contemporary play with modern dance and orginal music, written and performed by Lisa Barri. The play tells the story of a woman, Ginger, who wants so desperately to please her mother and the outside world that she loses herself in process. Due to abuses and pressures, she leaves her dreams of becoming a painter to become an attorney. She has deluded herself into believing that she will help others through the legal system, only to wind up putting a woman onto death row. Through a variety of characters, modern dance, and orginal music, we discoverwhat led up to Ginger's unhappy state. In an ephiphany, she realizes that she cannot live her life according to the wishes of others, and must follow her Inner Voice: her dreams.

It Is What It Is

Rock-bottom, happy ending or something in between? Always unpredictable, often scary, sometimes funny. Never dull. It is what it is. Happy hour it ain't...

Hold on tight with both hands as Tyler and his two sisters, Ariel and Evelyn, ride the rollercoaster of addiction - to alcohol and each other. The sibling bond is put to its greatest test when faced with the simple truth...sometimes in life, it is what it is.

Jewish By Injection Only

A family drama written and directed by Michael Stockman. What was injected -- pride or shame?

Less than two hours before the sale of a Queens family real estate business to a German conglomerate, a son threatens to block the transaction unless his mother tells the repressed story of her childhood as an orphan in Nazi France.

Jews Don't Join The Circus

The outrageous and unnerving high wire lifestory of three generations of New York Woman, performed in the center ring by the untamable clown Beth.

Watch the unfolding of a delicate high wire lifestory of truthful and unerving observations of three generations of emotional juggling Park Avenue women. Center ring illusionist grandmaKitty fueled by industrial meaures of booze and prescription drugs controlled by her narcisisitic whistle blowing daughter, ring mistress liela , and the untamable clown Beth.


Sexy, edgy comedy about finding love on the internet

A Darkly funny tale of dating and deception on the Internet.

Love, Punky

'Love, Punky' is what you get when you mix 'Malcolm in the Middle' with Ernest & Julio Gallo.

Jess Thompson lives to avoid the family. But her life gets flipped upside down when she learns that her alcoholic mother has handed in the hopsiptal, again, but this time...she may not make it out. Armed with the news, Jess needs to decide if she can put her anger aside in order to go home and say goodbye to her mother. What results is a darkly comic, universal take of a mother and daughter struggling with family, forgiveness, and love.

The Maternal Instinct

An award-winning bittersweet drama about the power and mystery of love.

In Boston, a lesbian married couple discover that "First comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes…" What happens when one spouse feels the pull of the maternal instinct, as the other is repelled by it?


A wildly hormonal mood-swinging dance drama

Is it HOT in here or is it ME? Come on a touching and entertaining voyage through one of life's less gentle passages - that wonderful time called Menopause. This one woman show of dance, theatre and song will make you laugh and cry as it pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of losing control of body and mind.

Motion And Location

A teenage African-American girl wrestles with sexual awakening, baseball, college, her lesbian aunt and homophobic mother.

Motion and Location is a gay "coming of age" comedy about 17 year-old Clarissa Mills, who has a "gun for an arm," a scholarship to play collegiate baseball, and the hots for her teammate. Who can Clarissa confide in? Not her hard-working mother. Then along come Bonnie, the free-wheeling, woman-loving, sports entrepreneur type of aunt every young girl on the verge of womanhood should have!

The Mistake Presents 'Muggy'

The award-winning sketch troupe produces another all new show.

The Mistake presents another all-new production skewering politics, sex, society, love, and other bad ideas. Original sketches and songs written and performed by an award-winning sketch comedy troupe.

Pie Obsessed Drunken Fatties

In Pie Obsessed Drunken Fatties, Julie and Margie DISH it out, EAT it up, and DRINK it down.

Interrogate the woman who killed Santa. Drink Flirtinis with James who just shinks your Shwell hicough. Buy your cocaine from a debutante. Then wrap it all up with a dance at the Prom. Julie and Margie DISH it out, EAT it up, DRINK it down, and never purge. It's a comic BINGE!


A look at whether we find those we love or create them.

After a brutal breakup a props master dives into his work. As his ex-girlfriend, first love, and best friend all come in and out of the picture, he becomes obsessed with his latest project of building a woman. When his creation comes to life, he is left to deal with some hard questions about love and relationships before everything burns up around him.

The Quiet Model

19th century painter John Everett Millais had the power to create... and destroy.

John Everett Millais' painting Opheliahas made him the focus of the Victorian London art world, but what happened to the model in the painting? And why, when questioned about his muse, does he stare into eyes that are not there?


A new comedy about the inability to keep the world out of your life.

Living in their dad's basement, Craig and Keith's biggest concern is who orders the take-out. But when a sexy stranger in cowboy boots arrives bearing cinnamon buns and prodding questions, reality comes crashing in and it's a show-down of love, sex, and who gets the strawberry Pop-tart.

Sex & Sealing Wax

Step through the looking glass ! Get down and dirty with 7 characters in this multi-media solo show about sex roles.

Step through the looking glass with seven characters in this multi-media solo show as they get down and dirty with sex roles and archetypes that just won't disappear.

Shoot The Dog

Sometimes to free yourself of the leash, you just have to shoot the dog.

Danny, Yasmine, and Jax. A white college boy, a spitfire Indian woman, and a streetwise African American bartender. Three people, three cultures, three pasts trying to find common ground amidst shots of whiskey, a pick-up game of darts and the sounds of the Four Seasons.

The Siblings

God has never given them a reason to doubt him…until now. A Grim Fairytale.

What if you were one of only four people left in the whole world? What would you be prepared to do to survive? What happens to ideals like family, loyalty, and trust? What if God does live in the woods?

The Sit-Down Show

TV or not TV? That is the question. Or not…

But then again, who’s asking? That’s right. No one. Comedian, NY Neo-Futurist and Galapagos host Desiree Burch cools the after-work crowd with pointed, poetic and humorous views on self-image, deviance, defiance and the creation of reaction, while toting her TV gospel—because you are what you watch. So park your ass.

Stars In My Eyes

True stories and tall tales from Hollywood's Golden Age.

Stars in My Eyes is a theatrical presentation of the poetry of Edward Field. The show is a fusion of movie plots, actual events and mythical tales. Stars in My Eyes features Joan Crawford, Malrene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Frankenstein and Mae West. Adapted and Directed by Michael Boothroyd

STICKY GIRLS, The Anti-Reality Show

...they're nobody's idols, but they are survivors.

Sticky Girls features HARLEY, a scrappy salsa seller, age 17, who gives up all sex and alcohol for her salsa product; tattooed debutant, GEO, who dreams of security on the road with bank, bombing boyfriend, Reno; and a billy club-weilding NYPD SERGEANT MANLEY, hired by ratings-starved talk show host, ROXY ROSE, to scare the girls straight. In this age of reality programming, where do entertainment sweeteners end and reality pangs begin! (Ohio State University, Theater Professor, Joe E. Brandesky, PhD calls this show "...a Second Millennium window in the the New Theatre of the Absurd."

The Sunny Side Of The Street / A Mouth Full Of Water

...topics ranging from race politics, family and the search for lost friends are paired with balloons, whales, and a young woman kicked in the stomach by her own mortality.

In "The Sunny Side of the Street" Estelle Campagna explores race politics, family, and the search for lost friends. It's a touching, funny, true-to-life story about a black boy, a white girl, and a dog called Face. "A Mouth Full of Water", Tessa Fontaine: Balloons, orca whales and a 21 year-old college student kicked in the abdomen by her own mortality.


A young woman searches for her birth parents to invite them to her wedding...

What she finds unravels her family, her upcoming marriage and her sense of reality in this dark romantic comedy about the ties that really bind.

Taxi Stories

Drive the night shift to Travis Bickell's NYC with former hack O'Shea - you may get lost but you won't be shortchanged.

Get your hack license and drive with O'Shea as he haplessly searches for fares in Travis Bicknell's NYC. Street-level city encounters with police, parked cars, and prostitutes from his rolling perspective. True stories worth double the meter.

Tokyo Vampire

A heartbreaking horror story of a vampire's last confession before he goes 'into the sun'

TOKYO VAMPIRE is set to strike fear and perhaps a little empathy into the hearts and souls of audiences. This is a kinder, gentler vampire, a superhero of the underworld waxing philosophically about life and death. Through his unblinking eyes we glimpse pieces of his pre-vampiric life and listen as he recounts his tragic love affair with a lonely girl, his "dark lady." TOKYO VAMPIRE promises to bring a tear to the eye and a shiver down the spine of those who are brave enough to witness it.

The Turtle Tattoo

Save the turtles, save the world, save yourself.

Spike, an EMT, meets Jillian, a biologist, weekly on a Queens beach, helping her save turtles. Two powerful spirits, Blue and Red, provoke their memories of lost mothers, alcoholic fathers, and tragic ambulance jobs, and hopes for love and redemption.

Unveiled & Warning Signs

From Burquas to Big Hair to Politics to Women

Two one-woman shows back to back. Unveiled compares a Burqua to American Woman and Phaedra. Warning Signs is about a Jewish , Socialist, Vegetarian, and a Feminist with extremely big hair.

Wake Of The Essex

The psychological journey of a shipwrecked captain's guilt and survival -- true events that inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

Wake of the Essex chronicles the harrowing true story of the whale ship Essex, stove by a whale in the Pacific in 1820. It follows the psychological journey of its captain, George Pollard Jr. A curtain-raiser, Hair of the Dog, tells of a love story about two dogs.

The Wastes Of Time

A young gay guy's mother has problems with his new older boyfriend.

When a young man starts dating a guy 10 years older, his mother tries to be accepting, until she discovers she has more than one reason to be wary of her son's new boyfriend.

Where Three Roads Meet

About the passion of genius, the force of libido, and the deathless hand of myth

Freud and Jung, mentor and protege, Jew and gentile, build a collaboration that changes human thought, and a friendship that ennobles both men. Then with piercing awareness they destroy it all.

Who Will Sing For Lena

Tragic 80 min. solo drama of the first and only woman - a black domestic - to have a date with Ol Sparky (Georgia's electric chair)!

This one woman play tells the 1944 story of Lena Baker, a black domestic in Georgia, who killed her long-time white lover/abuser. After a Kangaroo trial, she became the first and only female victum of Georgia's electric chair.

2006 Season Readings
A Simple Tragedy

Written and directed by John Herrera Drama/90 Minutes A contemporary story of men and women which examines the relationship between artist and muse, as well as examining love, sex, obsession, spirituality, and the tragedy fear can cause.

The Book of Spells Written by James McGuire Produced by Mind over Myth Productions Comedy/90 Minutes Through side-splitting comedy, The Book of Spells excites the imagination and opens the realm of possibilities. Need to make your dreams and wishes come true? How far would you go to get your lover to marry you? Get you ex-wife back? This is all possible in The Book of Spells. A dance student, a shrink and a Chinese herbalist are some of the fun and fantastic characters we meet in this play.

Kryptonite Hearts

Written by Charles Battersby Romantic Comedy/90 Minutes Kryptonite Hearts is a pulse-pounding tale of romance, comedy and adventure, inspired by 1940's comic books and radio shows! Thrill to the adventures of America's greatest crimefighters: All American Girl, and The Scarlet Skunk, as they battle the forces of evil!

Indiana, 1922

Written and directed by John Herrera Drama/90 Minutes Based on a true story, the play looks at the decisions in the domestic and political lives of the people in a small town.
Switch By William LoCasto Comedy Scott Taylor is an East Village twink completely unsatisfied with his life. Jordan Patrick is a Chelsea muscle boy who seems to have it all. What would happen if these two traded bodies?...It's "All About Eve" meets "Freaky Friday" in this gay comedy where boy meets boy, boy becomes other boy. Starring Sebastian LaCause.
Where We Are Gods Written and directed by John Herrera Drama/60 Minutes A Star Trekkish adaptation of The Book of Genesis which examines the nature of consciousness and the distinctions between humans and gods.