John Chatterton/MITF Presents

Important upcoming event for playwright/producers!
Dear Friend in the Theatre, 

I'm writing to let you know about an important upcoming event. Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) has for some 20 years been serving new theatrical producers through a multitude of activities, supported by small donations, modest membership fees, and scarce grants. On Wed., Jan. 22, they are dedicating their regular monthly meeting to the topic, "Your Festival Show: Getting It In, Getting It On, Getting It Seen!", with a panel of local theatre-festival practitioners (myself included). The event is at the Players' Theater (3rd fl. loft theatre) at 7:30 pm (networking at 7 pm, with snacks).

If you're not a member of TRU you should become one, but that's not why I'm writing. This event is a perfect opportunity to learn more about producing theatre in a festival environment in New York City, where DIY ("Do It Yourself") is the norm. The panel comprises key people from 6 New York theatre festivals: New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF), J-Fest, FringeNYC, and Fresh Fruit Festival.

I've been producing the MITF for 15 years now, and I've come to some radical conclusions about this business. We're not just about selling tickets to shows. We are also providing a service to our participants, by which we help them sell tickets to their shows (as well as produce them in the first place). With the above in mind, I'm proposing some questions that you might want to ask the panel members (of course, I'll have my own answers on the tip of my tongue):

• How many hours of free rehearsal time do you offer?
• Do you offer free volunteer-accident insurance for Equity showcases?
• How much extra must I pay actors in addition to carfare, because of an Equity side letter?
• Do you offer free storage in the venue?
• Do you offer free one-on-one marketing consultations?
• Do you offer free production photos of shows?
• Do you offer a preview event and awards ceremony? 
• Do you accept one-acts? 

The first 6 of these bullet points represent free services the MITF provides to its participants, under the rubric of our slogan "The Festival That Cares." There are many considerations involved in deciding which, if any, festival you want to enter, besides free services and personal consultations, and the TRU event is probably the best way to weigh those considerations. For more information about the TRU event, go to; for more information about the MITF, please check out our Web site, at Tickets are free to members, only $12 to non-members. I strongly urge that you make an immediate reservation via E-mail to  
John Chatterton
MITF executive producer