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*** MAY 2015 ***

Nothing keeps you on your toes quite like being a theatre producer in New York City.  For the second month in a row (!!) we have a new venue to announce as the home of the 16th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival.  Read on for details about this twist of fate, as well as a preview of the official festival lineup. We also have an Alumni Spotlight Interview with playwright, composer and lyricist Aaron Michael Kruegar, plus a preview of this weekend's Short Play Lab.


Everyone has heard the expression "a New York minute;" that's how long it took MITF Executive Producer John Chatterton to realize that an insurmountable scheduling conflict was going to scuttle his original plans for a new venue for this summer's festival.  Another location had to be found, and as luck would have it an
excellent venue was available right in the neighborhood.
The 16th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival's new home is to be at the Davenport Theatre, 354 W. 45th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues.

devonshireThe Davenport Theatre 
The Davenport Theatre features two stages housed within a turn-of-the-century firehouse building.  The Mainstage will seat 99; the Black Box accommodates 60.  Both have been recently renovated and updated and will provide audiences with a comfortable theatre-going experience. This year MITF will present a range of full-length plays, musicals and Short Subjects including: 
6 Actors In Search of a Character by Edward Eriksson * A Minor Mid-Career Retrospective by James Judd * An Evening of Naughty Thoughts by Luke Krueger * Bad Connections? by Michael Levesque * Biblically Speaking by Lucy Blood * Captive Barbies by Levi Stroud * Carmen-choreodrama by Prosper Merimee * Death of a Persian Prince by Dewey Moss * Far From The Tree:  Three Tales of Parents, Kids and Insanity by Andrew Rothkin * Here Comes Alice! by Mark Schofield * Indigo by Cassandra Powell * Intestinal Pulchritude by Doug Dubrin * Messages by Matthew Gasda * Puzzel the Will by Shakespeare as adapted by Lauretta Pope * Rise of the Usher by Jessica Elkin * Rock n'Roll Mother Goose by Judi Lewis Ockler * Single Ladies by Paige Strothmann * Sons of Johnny Johnson by Robert F. Bradford * Super! by Aaron Michael Kreuger * The Body is a Legal Drug by Daniel F. McNeill * The Dead For Breakfast by Doug DuBrin * Under the One-Time Sky by Susan Jennifer Polese * Universal Dad by PJ Lander

MITF/Variety Series
Standup, Improv, Cabaret, Magic and so much more! 
Good Catch Comedy * * Mike Langan and Pete Owen * Byron Freeman * Josephine Sanges * Charlie Johnson * Rachel Sepiashvili * Bernard Brandall * Robopop * Mysteries of the Mind * Freedom Snatch * Vickie Philips * Ellen Orchid * Zach Erwin * Lenalenalena * Rasa Vitalia * Kate Hannigan * Lennie Watts * Phil Brooks

Stay tuned next month for updates on additional shows plus specials on MITF tickets, packages deals and group rates. 

AaronAlumni Spotlight Interview

Part reminiscence, part commentary on the challenges and rewards of life in the theatre arts, each month the Alumni Spotlight series interviews a different past participant from one (or more) of John Chatterton's 16 years of festivals.  This month we speak with playwright, composer and lyricist Aaron Michael Krueger.

MITF:  Your show NEW DAWN won four MITF Awards, including Best Production of a Musical, for it's run in last year's festival. How did that whole experience impact your career?

AMK:  It was definitely a challenging experience, but it was a great one.  NEW DAWN was the first show that me or any of the team I was working with had ever put up in a festival, so it was a learning experience for all of us.  It was also the first public performance of my work in NYC, so it was a really good way of putting myself out into NYC as a writer and composer.  The festival itself was also good because they were there when we had questions and helped by giving us the tools and resources we needed to deliver a great show.  Since the festival last year, some of my music has been performed in a few cabarets in New York, and I've continued to write and develop both NEW DAWN and some new projects.

MITF:  As a playwright, composer and lyricist you have a lot on your plate. What would you say is the greatest challenge you face?

AMK:  Besides staying on task because I sometimes have a bit of a short attention span, I think there's something nice about collaborating on a project that you don't get when writing alone.  I have a musical that I've been collaborating on that is having a reading in July, and it's nice because when I run out of ideas or go in the wrong direction on the project, my writing partner is there to reel me back in and bounce ideas back and forth.  But with SUPER! and NEW DAWN, it's up to me to keep myself in check and constantly come up with new ideas.  But while that may seem like difficult challenge, I actually very much enjoy writing alone.  Like I said before, I have been known to have a short attention span, so I find myself writing 5 or 6 projects at once, all in different stages, which is nice because an idea I have for one project may be completely wrong for that show, but perfect for another one I'm working on.

MITF:  We're excited to have your new show, SUPER!, set to play MITF this July. What's the story about, and what can audiences look forward to?

AMK:  SUPER! focuses on a young man named Mark who was born with extraordinary powers.  Throughout the course of the show, he must figure out what it actually means to be a superhero and fulfill his destiny by becoming one.  Audiences will of course get their action packed fight sequences that come with the superhero genre, but will also get a moving story about the sacrifices this young man must make in order to become the superhero that the world needs him to be.  As opposed to the classic, at times campy superhero depictions (like the Adam West Batman TV show or Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin), audiences will be getting a much more contemporary depiction of the genre more in line with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel or the Smallville TV series, all set to a really dynamic and powerful score.  Who would want to miss out on that?

  Visit the Facebook page for SUPER!
And Aaron's website  

May Short Play Lab
Saturday May 23, 7 & 9pm
Sunday May 24, 2 & 4pm

John Chatterton's monthly experiment with the art of the 10-minute play continues this weekend with two new programs, each featuring six 10-minute productions.  From the burlesque halls of Paris, to the neighborhood Starbucks, to the Garden of Eden, the Vatican, and beyond, the plays featured in the May SPL create two of the most eclectic theatre programs you're likely to see anywhere.  Visit our website for show teasers and schedule.  Newsletter readers get $5 off each ticket when you  order tickets online or call Ovationtix at 866-811-4111 with discount code MITFNEWS 

The Short Play Lab is at:
The Elektra Theatre I
300 W 43rd Street  
(between 8th and 9th Avenues)

Do you have a 10-minute play you'd like to produce?  The SPL is a great place to see your work on its feet in a supportive and enthusiastic environment.  We're currently accepting scripts for the July Short Play Lab which will be part of the 2015 MITF.  For all the details about script submission and SPL production please visit our website

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