John Chatterton/MITF Presents
Good News for Participants in Midwinter Madness, Feb. 2014
Dear Friend in the Theatre, 

Things are looking up for the Fourth Annual Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival (Feb. 10 - Mar. 1, 2014). But I'm under a lot of pressure from my competitors to improve things even more (well, from my own Midtown International Theatre Festival, but I'm sure some other festivals will catch on in their own good time),  so I'm offering a few features unheard of in this particular corner of the business. First, in keeping with the previous 3 seasons of the Festival:

There are absolutely no fees associated with being in the Festival. 
This seems like a fairly conservative principle, until you realize that all other theatre festivals in New York City charge application and participation fees (and other fees for insurance, Equity waiver charges, and God knows what else). Every time I post on LinkedIn I  get static for my application and participation fees, and while I love controversy, today I'd rather cut the BS and the fees in one fell swoop.
NOTE: We require that you provide your own board op, who will become part of your production budget. We'll offer you a list of board ops from which you can hire, which will cost you a modest amount.

All participants will receive 10 hours of free rehearsal time (during off-peak hours, usually daytime weekdays). This is something new, adopted from the MITF of recent years. The theory is that I can buy rehearsal time in bulk where you have to pay retail, so a modest expense for me saves a bundle for you. I'm glad to do it if it'll encourage you to take part in the Festival.

You will receive half the net, defined as half the difference between your gross and 40% of the maximum possible gross. People ask me, "How much you going to pay me to be in your Festival?", and I say, "Why should I pay you when I don't charge you to be here in the first place?" But I understand that putting on a play costs money, so here's an incentive for you to go out and sell tickets. I love that!
One-act plays are an easy, cheap, and fun way to see your work on its feet. To submit a script, send it as an attachment in .doc or .pdf format to Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!

John Chatterton 
Executive producer, Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival, Midtown International Theatre Festival, and Short Play Lab