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Congratulations to all
MITF Summer 2017
Award Winners!

Best Playwright for a Short Subject:
Jason Paris Locker Room Talk

Best Playwright for a Full-Length or Musical:
Tony Sportiello The Bet

Best Playwright for a Solo Show:
Richie McCall Me and Stepin’
Best Director for a Short Subject:
Jen Yip Difficult Transition
Best Director for a Solo Show:
Pharah Jean-Philippe Platform Griot
Best Director for a Full-length or Musical:
Tom Herman The Bet
Best Actress in a Short Subject:
Mariana Genesio Pena Difficult Transition
Best Actress in a Solo Show:
Yarina Gurtner Emma’s Bliss
Best Actress in a Full-length or Musical:
Dana Aber The Bet
Best Actor in a Short Subject:
Avery Bagenstos Locker Room Talk: A Liberal Fantasy
Best Actor in a Solo Show:
Richie McCall Me and Stepin’
Best Actor in a Full-length or Musical:
Matt Haas The Princess, the Cow, and the
Corn Maze

Best Solo Show:
Me and Stepin’
Best Production:
Best Lighting Design:
McKenna Biedebach The Angels Will Let You Fall
Best Sound Design:
Lukas Thöni and Brandon Reilly Emma’s Bliss
Best Ensemble:
One More Fine Day
Best Musical Director:
C. Colby Sachs The Princess, the Cow, and
the Corn Maze

Best Music:
Richard D. Russell It Takes a Rainbow
Best Lyrics:
Georgia O’Keeffe Paints Paradise
Will Ogmundson
Best Variety Act:
Derek Hood Singing Standards
Best Supporting Actress:
Rose Kosciuszek Georgia O’Keeffe Paints Paradise
Best Supporting Actor:
Pierre Gonzalez Showtime
Best Costumes:
The Water Carriers
Best Choreographer:
Pim Van Amerongen The Bet
Best Set Design:
It Takes a Rainbow
Best Staged Reading:
Second Banana


MITF is Closing its Doors for the Foreseeable Future

MITF is Saying Goodbye (For Now)

Dear Friend in the Theatre, 

On looking back over 18 seasons of the MITF, I have many memories, most of them good, some not so much, and some hilarious. But I've had some reverses in recent years that have forced me to hang up the gloves. Hence, this retirement memo.
When you get to be 71, you accumulate a few dings on your person -- with some people, more dings than others, some dings going deeper than others. When you start to feel like my first car, a '65 Dodge Dart (this was in '79), you know it's time to re-evaluate your priorities.
The financial situation has also grown more parlous. When I started the MITF (in 2000), I was making $65 an hour as a tech writer on Wall Street. Now I'm on Social Security. I can no longer underwrite the Festival budget out of my own pocket.
(A few years ago I moved back to Massachusetts, for personal reasons, and the strains of commuting to NYC also take their toll.)
The last straw was recent lawsuit. It was one of those cases where you're damned if you win and damned if you lose, because either way you have to pay legal costs.
I have lots of energy and ideas left. Also an increasing urge to travel the world, starting with a farewell tour (in a much better car) down the East Coast to Florida. So, as the Governator said, "I'll be b-a-a-a-c-k!"
Thank you, New York, for giving my life meaning for 24 years. Thank you for the opportunity to serve that occasionally fickle muse, the Theatre, in all the roles I've experienced. Good luck and God bless. We'll be in touch!

John Chatterton
Executive Producer, MITF