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Liz Merendino “Her songs are beautifully structured and delivered with poise, clarity, full-throated purity and a Jacques Brel bitter sweetness” Michael Coveney - What’s On Stage. Liz Merendino, originally from New York, received a Bachelor of Music degree with performance honors from Syracuse University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia Teacher’s College.  A classically trained singer, she has given several recitals including works by Brahms, Ravel and Poulenc.  She has also performed with many theater groups in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. She had a sell out run of her one-woman show "Sneasons of Liz" during the Hong Kong Fringe Club City Festival. This show was performed in London, New York, the Prague Fringe Festival and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this past August.
       “See her while you can still afford her” - ScotsGay Magazine
Renee • Renee has been teaching for the past 17 years, with credits as a private acting and vocal coach and university instructor, working and playing with actors of all ages.  Her students have been able to increase their callback rate exponentially under her tutelage; additionally, many have gained admission to the topdrama schools in the United States and England.
• Some have described Renee’s teaching style as “individualistic,” “dynamic,” and of course, “organic.”  Her philosophy is that “you are enough,” and all that’s needed is working toward removing blocks, increasing skills, and enhancing what is already there in you as an actor.
• Coaching theatre artists to act and sing organically.
The Exquisitecorpse The Exquisite Corpse Festival is a celebration of uninhibited creativity and spontaneity.  Based on the surrealist game, all of our works start with a set of rules rather than a goal.  Fold a piece of paper in thirds, pass it around a circle of friends: one draws the head, one the torso, and one the legs...each time folding it in such a way that no artist sees what the other two are doing.  When finished, unfold the work to reveal surprising connections and startling juxtaposition. That's the sort of thing we do in Theater, Music, and Film.
• The Exquisite Corpse Drinks the Young Wine; the Exquisite Corpse Festival Nurtures the Vines.

 Exquisite Corpse Film Festival: Music! Animation! Suspense! Taxidermy! Comedy!
Richard Skipper Entertainer, blogger, producer, motivational speaker, career coach Richard Skipper has received artistic and critical acclaim over the past 19 years as first class entertainer. 2011 was a breakout year for Richard. When he closed his off-Broadway tribute to Carol Channing in February, it had garnered Richard 25 rave reviews! Richard was the associate producer of the 2010 and 2011 Bistro Awards in association with Sherry Eaker for the second year in a row. Richard can be seen in Dori Berenstein's CAROL CHANNING: LARGER THAN LIFE. The film premiered April 23rd at The Tribeca Film Festivaland opens in nationwide release in January of 2012. In February, Richard debuted "To Carol Channing With Love" (now available for booking!) at Blame It On Midnight in Palm Springs. It honored Carol Channing's 90th Birthday and was a benefit for Carol Channing's Foundation For The Arts ( Carol and Harry were in attendance. Richard has focused mostly on his writing this year. He has a highly successful blog called RICHARD SKIPPER CELEBRATES, focusing on arts in education and what makes an entertainer!. Richard continues to teach his workshops on CREATING HIGHER VISIBILITY utilizing social media. He has served on several panels on the business end of show business and is often asked to emcee many prestigious events. He is campaigning diligently for Carol Channing to receive a long over due Kennedy Center Honor in 2012. He also continues to raise money for The Dr. Carol Channing-Harry Kullijian Foundation For The Arts, Established in 2005 with the hopes of bringing the importance of arts education to the general public, provide music instruments for underfunded public schools and scholarships for California State University students. Be on the lookout for exciting things that will be happening in 2012.
Carrie Edel Isaacman Carrie Edel Isaacman is an actor, director and dialect coach.   Starting  January 2012, Carrie will teach speech, as part of a team of teachers for a teen intensive class for acting, which includes movement speech and acting, at HB Studios.  Carrie teaches the method of speech based on the Louis Colaianni method with Phonetic Pillows.  Carrie is also works with youth in as a teacher's assistant at Anderson School.  Carrie is a member of WorkShop Theater Company since 2000 and is a member of AEA and SAG.  For text and dialect coaching please contact her by email or phone 917-474-5936 

Daniel GuytonThe winner of two Kennedy Center/ACTF Awards for his plays 'Attic' and 'Where's Julie?', Daniel Guyton is a published and internationally produced playwright, poet, author and funny man. He acts and directs from time to time, but prefers the quieter life of writing. He is primarily a satirist, though some may say a sadist, who pounces on the morally ambiguous and the insecure. His plays are usually funny, but with a hint of gravitas. He normally does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person, but he has to pay the bills. He is a modest man. For the most part.

Le Muse VenaleM. Stefan Strozier
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Guild of Italian American Actors
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A Seat on the Aisle Throughout my life, two of my loves have been travel and the theatre - and I seldom found time enough to partake of either quite as much as I wished. But now that I'm comfortably retired, that's all changed.  I'm fortunate in being able to travel quite a bit and to attend more theatrical events than ever before.  In my blog "A Seat on the Aisle," I share my thoughts and reviews of the places I visit and the plays I see.  Check it out.
Theplayright-logo"The Play Write" hopes to connect with other thespians and playwrights in the world of theatre and writing. Pam is a published children's author, as well as a playwright in the New York metropolitan area. She welcomes comments, as well as the forging of new friendships and/or/collaboration opportunities perhaps!

Undercover Blondde are a female Laurel and Hardy travelling the world with their Bingo wings. Pam has an abnormal obsession with Marilyn Whilst Ann is a hypochondriac and disaster prone.  
Lesley Hughes and Veronica Kelly portray these hilarious but loveable characters with polish and charm “they have a strong hold on the infectious one liners” (Three weeks Edinburgh).
No gratuitous swearing, but lots of innuendo and ménage de trois (Sorry, double entendre, not Ménage de trois, there’s only two of them!)

Warning: This show’s is hilarious and habitual (there has been knicker wetting and many return audiences)

Madmen and Dreamers      Madmen and Dreamers is a hybrid rock band/theater group who writes and performs rock operas. To us, Art is more about provoking thought than entertaining. It's about the journey of being human because all of us are in the middle of that journey now. So, you won't see boy-meets-girl, musical comedy stuff from us. What you will see are stories that need to be told. Stories that mean something right now and will resonate into the future. Your future.

Adrenalhigh AthleticsFitness For All Ages. We are an athletic training & information service striving to provide top quality fitness instruction for Individuals, Groups & Corporations.
Shakespeare's Queens...Straylight Australia was formed by Actor/Manager Kath Perry to provide opportunities for Australian actors, writers, directors and designers to showcase their work at the Edinburgh Fringe and to wider audiences both overseas and in Australia. By presenting original work at a highly professional standard to international audiences, the company also aims to increase awareness of Australia's excellent capability in developing and delivering quality theatre.
'Shakespeare's Queens: She-wolves and Serpents' premiered at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe and will become our 4th Edinburgh Fringe show. All our productions are highly portable and we are always keen for new opportunities to present them. 

Straylight Australia: international theatre company
Shakespeare Link to: The Shakespeare Records
TheLambs-logoThe Lambs ® is America's first professional theatrical club, established in NYC in 1874. The Lambs was involved in the formation of The Actors Fund of America, Actors' Equity, ASCAP and SAG. Located in midtown Manhattan just a few doors away from Radio City Music Hall and St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Lambs ®  is a meeting place for entertainment professionals to have a drink, share a meal, or create together. 2014 marks our 140th year. Follow us on Twitter @TheLambsInc and on Facebook.  The Lambs Foundation encourages new works and emerging talent. (The Lambs is a registered trademark of The Lambs, Inc.)