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"Thank you so so much for having JULIE be a part of MITF this fall. Our experience with promotion, tech, & communication was really amazing and I’m still so grateful for how easy and fun you’ve made." – Eddie Shields, Writer & Director of JULIE [MITF: Fall, 2016]

"The Actual Dance participation in the 2013 Midtown International Theatre Festival served as the launching pad for the show in a way that I could not imagine. Through MITF we were introduced to experienced production professionals, as well as many people who work in New York theater. We have since had the chance to perform in Theatre Row for a month long run and are now touring. The participation in MITF opened a new horizon for a relatively new work and two years later we continue to feel the energy from that experience." – Sam Simon, THE ACTUAL DANCE

"As a producer of shows of many shapes and sizes, I love the MITF because it provides a nurturing environment for producers and shows of all types to be seen and heard.  Whether this is a step along the way or the final goal, there is a place in the MITF for everyone!" – Jim Kierstead, producer of COVER in MITF (and KINKY BOOTS on Broadway), 2014. (Also producer of THRILL ME in MITF 2003).

"I had a choice and I chose MITF.  It provided a lovely theater for my show in a convenient location and included several amenities that would have been add-on charges at other festivals. MITF also considered my specific request regarding performance schedule to accommodate my target audience. MITF is a perfect place to get your new musical on its feet for the first time, without spending a fortune” – Roy O’Neil, author/producer, EDDIE AND THE PALACEADES, 2014

“They gave me personal treatment, as well as a lot of publicity. I had to move to a bigger theatre” – Ingrid Griffith, DEMERARA GOLD (solo show), 2014

“The MITF is an ideal middle ground for shows that plan to transfer but want to get the kinks out first” – Ludovica Villar-Hauser, producer, THIS WILL ALL BE YOURS, 2014

"A lot came out of our MITF run, including interest from multiple producers who might never otherwise have seen the show, and even an out of town run. It was also a great opportunity for me to see what is and isn't working in the show" -- Gila Sand, TWIST, 2007

"I've participated in a number of other festivals, and this one was the best-organized by far. It made me feel like Bloody Lies was always in very good hands. (Messy, perhaps, given the blood, but very good.)" – Greg Machlin, BLOODY LIES, 2007

"If you are an independent producer or playwright and need to test the commercial viability of your project, you can't beat the MITF! Participation in the MITF is a financially feasible way to present your work, have it seen by reviewers and other theatre professionals, and assess your project’s readiness." – John Capo, John Capo Productions; THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES, 2004; IT'S ONLY A PLAY, 2005

"MITF is the perfect size for a festival — big enough to get some attention in the press, but not so large as to become chaotic and lack a sense of community. Overall, a great experience!" –
Joya Scott, The Emergency Theatre Project; THE ANSWER IS HORSE, 2006

"The MITF was a great experience; it provided fantastic exposure for my play, and for me as a playwright. I’d love to do it again next year!" – Duncan Pflaster, Cross-Eyed Bear Productions; THE WASTES OF TIME, 2006

"My show sold well, more reviewers attended because I had the backing of a selective festival, and my cast had the chance to perform in a great space. I would rather premiere a new work at the Midtown than anywhere in the city." – Ryan Metzler, THE QUIET MODEL, 2006

"The Midtown International theatre Festival is a dynamite way to promote your show, further its development and work in a nurturing artistic environment. It is an experience for any theatre person that I highly recommend." – Romy Nordlinger, SEX & SEALING WAX, 2006

"Being in the MITF was a great experience. It helped us get industry in to our show and helped us get reviewed by the majors - Backstage,, and the Gothamist. Can't wait til next year." – Robin Hopkins, No Kneecap Productions; LOVE PUNKY, 2006

"It was a thrill to produce "Disillusioned" in the festival, and be asked to bring it back for a second run a few months later. We were able to see the play on its feet, get reviewed, and really get a taste for what being a producer is like on the ground level. John made a point of seeing our show and took an interest in our work, which we very much appreciated." – Susan Hodara, Two From the Aisle Productions, Playwright and Producer; DISILLUSIONED, 2009

"If you've got the drive, MITF is a great place to start the development of your play, musical, or whatnot. The staff is exceptionally friendly and they do all they can to help you out on the managerial side; the artistic side is entirely yours. We can't imagine a better environment to start your playwriting career!" – Ben Ferber, THE DICKENING, 2011

“The MITF was a great festival at which to premiere an original play in NYC.  The staff was very efficient, responsive and professional at all times.  I highly recommend the MITF” – Gregory Taft Gerard, THE BANANA MONOLOGUES, 2011

"The MITF was an incredible education in how to design, market and produce a play in New York theatre festival" – James V. O'Connor, writer-producer: CHRISTMAS GUEST; 2009, LITERARY DISRUPTION, 2010; TEA IN A TEMPEST, 2011.

"The people at MITF were easy to work with and the structure of the festival is conducive to keeping costs in line. As such, it's an excellent setting to develop new work." – Jeremy Handelman

"The MITF was a really great place for me in my earlier years to develop new material" –
Carlo D'Amore, Creative Director/

"Every writer or producer should do this festival at least once! My experience was wonderful. It truly is the 'festival that cares'. I learned so much! 2012 will be my second time, and I'm so excited I can hardly wait! I received so many helpful suggestions from the various festival organizers, I received reviews for my play, and last but not least, I have the confidence now to take that show to the next step." – Vicki Vodrey, Lot In Life Productions, LLC

“My experiences with MITF have been fantastic.  The festival is the right size and is the perfect venue to showcase any new play.  The staff was always available to answer questions and assist in any way.  I highly recommend participating in the Midtown International Theatre Festival.” –
Lawson Caldwell, GENTLEMAN’S WISH – Reading Series, 2008; GENTLEMAN’S WISH, full production, 2009; LAVENDER SHORE, 2011

"The Midtown International Theatre Festival gave birth to us as playwrights. My wife, Meri Wallace, and I, both produced our first full-lengths there, met most of the playwrights and actors we know today, and developed our art under John Chatterton's friendly and supportive gaze." –
Jonathan Wallace

"In March 2009 when I heard my musical "That's Showbiz!" had been accepted for the MITF I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I felt elated that it had been chosen, on the other hand I greeted the news with trepidation as I had never been to New York before let alone produced there. I needn't have worried. John Chatterton and his team were very supportive and although it was very hard work it was absolutely worthwhile. I had the time of my life and made many friends in New York. "That's Showbiz!" won the most outstanding production of a musical award and most outstanding choreography and costumes, as well as being nominated for eight other awards. "That's Showbiz!" now has a new title, “Get Got.” A conceptalbum, The Music Of Get Got, recorded in New York has just been released and my production company is well on the way to raising the money for an Off-Broadway production to open in 2013. None of this would have been possible without the MITF." – Colin Chaston

"My experiences with this festival were critical to the development of several projects …. one even made it into an indie film!  Exposure, nurturing, the ability to attract industry and audience are key benefits….not to mention FUN! I'll be back." – Ronnie Cohen, writer/producer, DOGS LIE and THE STREET

"Thanks for including CORRECTION in this year's MITF Short Subjects. We had a blast, as always. You really know how to throw a festival." – Ronnie & Jane

"We had a wonderful time working with you and being a part of the MITF" – Hinton Battle, LOVE LIES – TREAT HER LIKE A LADY, 2012

"Thank you for selecting my play for inclusion in your festival. Participating in the festival was a valuable opportunity to have a play produced in a feasible, expedient manner, and in a high-profile festival as well." – Jack Wernick, DESTINATION WEDDING, 2012