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Go Fish
by Donald Orwald, directed by Gary Lynch;
starring Bonnie Rosenbaum, Ted Wrigley, & Jerusha. A literary agent rejects the novels of Herman Melville and Mark Twain, giving their classics crazy critiques that she says will improve the plots.

Wombat Day by Margot Connolly, directed by Jenny Morris; starring Josh Max, Allison Haglund, Dee Hamid, & Tonia Jagodnik. A family vacation to Australia takes an unexpected turn with one girl's wombat wish comes true...

Beneath My Skin And Behind My Eyes by Albert Garcia, directed by The Red Lines; starring Patrick Matzig, Gerome Samonte, & Albert Andrew Garcia. Retain…retain……we must keep…and remember what we have done.

Evil Woman written, directed, & performed by Ali Kerestly. A narcissistic young female's inner monologue while dancing to her favorite music.

Glory Everlasting by John Ladd, directed by Johnny Culver; starring Nancy Gray and Carmen Scott. We read, "If You See Something, Say Something," but what should you do if you "hear something"?

One Simple Pill And A Bottle Of H20 written & directed by Barry Ernst; starring Maria Russo Schwartz & Yank Adler. A wife’s unsuccessful money-laundering scheme takes her to the edge.

The Royal Treatment written & performed by Tamu Favorite; directed by Melvin Turnstall. Sally Ann owns a small-town colored restaurant. Surprisingly, Louis Armstrong and his band show up, and Sally gives them the royal treatment.

Top Secret by Leonard David Goodisman, directed by Monica Hoyt; starring Erika Vetter & Ken Dillon. Original music by Rolando Gori. Bob Hyde and Rita Frank are on a case, so sensitive that neither is quite sure what it's about; but wait, he knows a lot about her and wants to "know" more, something she's quite sensitive about.

The Harlem Whitewash written by William "Bill" Beasley and Leslie Gist, directed by William "Bill" Beasley; starring Fulton C. Hodges & Natasha Demosthene. Juana Bea, Harlem's post-racial revolutiona


Daguerrotype Dialogue #1 by Dianna V. Stark and Michael K. White. Directed by Monica Hoyt. Starring: Erika Vetter and Adam Fontana. Original music by Rolando Gori.  What did people being photographed talk about in the old days of ultra-long exposures?

Michelle by Shane Cherry, directed by Allen Davidson; starring Chris Rivera and Phillip Atkins. Post-coitus, Will cavalierly mentions his upcoming date with Michelle to his boyfriend, Casey.

Indifference by Fred Rohan Vargas, directed by Alice Camarota; starring Rob Torres & Nilsa Reyna. A revelation occurs when two college students protesting on a street corner realize that they don't see eye to eye on why they’re there -- but  then again, does anyone care?

Grow Up, Juliet by Rex McGregor, directed by Sara Stevens; starring Monique Huff, Libby Froeber, Nick Bombicino, & Richard Lindenfelzer. Grieving Juliet wants to join Romeo in death, but she learns she is the victim of an elaborate hoax.

A Day At The Office by Viktoria I.V. King, directed by Devon James; starring Sergio Marroquin, Maura Scatenato, Devon James, Joseph Boover, &Tiffany Springle. The eccentric and unprofessional staff at Gregor Motors and Sons prepare for the anticipated arrival for their first intern. Nothing could go wrong. Right?

Memory Show written & directed by Alaina Hammond. Justin and Willa return to a shared memory to visit a mutual friend, and each other, from a day years ago.

Olivia And The Lady Killer written & directed by Hillery Baker; starring Jamie Soltis, Eddie Carroll, & John Smith. Even the best people have skeletons in their closets.

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