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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-February 2015.

Production dates: July 25 - 26.
Roy Arias Studios & Theaters
300 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036-6404 (4th flr, Stage 2)

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July 25 - 26 Lineup

shortlab-artProgram A, Saturday July 25 7pm - Sunday, July 26 4pm

Hesitation by David Getz, directed by Karen Getz; starring Karen Getz. The female owner of an NBA team, perplexed by the intellectual style of play of her star shooting guard both off the court and on, confronts the player before the expiration of his contract.

Fat Chance by John Ladd, directed by Alaina Hammond; starring Alaina Hammond. Is it nature or is it nurture? Or is it something more, some-socio-genetic mutation? Fat Chance gives you a brief tour through a ward of variant human potential.

Repeat Offender by Arthur W. French III, directed by Arthur W. French III; starring Bianca Ambrosio, Albert Eggleston, Yohanna Florentino, Catherine Sui, Cherri Nelle Thompson. A man's past catches up with him, again, again, and again.

Lulu's Dance by Rebekah Lynn Pierce, directed by Mariska Phillips; starring Ana Roman, Antwain Lewis, Kareer Marshall, and Sawandi Wilson. LuLu has traveled across time, waited centuries - patiently - for him at the bar of the local dance salon. Then one night, HE comes in. Has the wait been worth it?

The Cookie Jar by Patti Veconi, directed by Haven Mitchell-Rose; starring
Brannon Boswell, Alexa Fitzpatrick, and Emily Kugel. The Cookie Jar: For when your loved one’s remains aren’t ashes - and there’s no time to shop for an urn.

The Encapsulated Zone by Renee McNeil, directed by Renee McNeil; starring Robert Bryson, Cassiopia Coyne, Bradley Custer, and Monisha Shiva. They were sent to be tested on; but will they ever get out.

The Back Massage by Ginger Reiter, directed by Ginger Reiter; starring Sheba Mason, Jennifer Yadav, Trevor Crane, and Ginger Reiter. A bookish fifteen-year old girl pleads with Mom to buy her a vibrator for her birthday. Grandma has her own unique set on the subject.

Program B, Saturday July 25 4pm - Sunday, July 26 2pm

Honey I'm Home by Micah Spayer, directed by Ben Gougeon; starring
Micah Spayer, Alaina Mills, and Mark Ryan Anderson. An eccentric married couple's will is tested after a series of mishaps.

Family Photo by Nicole Soul, directed by Jillian Green; starring Nicole Soul. After 27 years, a little girl from New Jersey, who's not so little anymore, finally gets her wish, a family photo with her parents.

Would I Slug A Nun? by Doug DuBrin, directed by Constantine Tariloff. Two emotionally-seared couples playing "What would you do for a million dollars?" confront increasingly troubling scenarios until an impossible ultimate proposition.

Another John by Aaron Zilbermann, directed by Aaron Zilbermann; starring Beatriz Naranjo and Eddie Layfield. A man visits a prostitute and quickly discloses that he has simply come to talk, unloading his crises onto her.

One Million by Veronica Marks, directed by Arden Dressner Levy; starring Elka Wade, Adrian Amador, Lillian Carver, Bleu Santiago, Jennifer Loo, Caroline Loftus, Jenna Barricklo, Ursula Jitta, James P. Stanton, and Shelley Haines. A thought-provoking memory play that follows a young woman with severe facial deformities through her first gut-wrenching months of high school.

Disappear by Christopher Sirota, directed by Deter Meg; assistant director Mario Claudio; starring Sean McGrath and Alex Kidder. People die...Love never does by Seth Freeman, directed by Virginia Hastings; starring Ray Bergen, Victoria Blankenship, and Tara Bruno. An intimate encounter generates some unsolicited reflection on the experience.

Heavenly Bodies Move in Space by Ran Xia, directed by Ran Xia; starring
Carmen Scott and Douglas Robinson. They look to the stars, and make the entire universe an intimate space.