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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

The next SPL will run the weekend of July 16 and 17, 2016.

Production dates: July 16-17, 2016.
Venue: The WorkShop Theater's, Jewel Box Theater. 312 W. 36th St., NYC

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PROGRAM A (Saturday, July 16, 7pm - Sunday, July, 17, 4pm)

BrickBrick Juncture 
by Nick DeSimone, directed by Amy Wright; starring Judy Maier and Eric Joseph. Love birds, Haley and Nelson, are in Heaven when they move into their Chelsea apartment, but when they disagree on an exposed brick wall, their incompatibilities are exposed, making their first day in the new place a living Hell.

Fear of a Mundane Life by John Ladd, directed by Eileen Walsh; starring Sandra Toll and Ned Long. If we look deep enough into Fear of A Mundane Life, we just might see how an abyss can be disguised as a valley, and how a wasteland can be seen as a garden. @fearofamundane

NaturalNatural Rarities Up For Bid by Phil Paradis, directed by Albert Baker; starring Chelsea Clark, Sean Stolzenthaler, and David C. Neal. In 2184 A.D. the ice caps have melted. Florida and New York are underwater. To feed millions of starving displaced persons, a benefit auction in Europe raises funds to develop food...from petroleum! 

Talk BackTalk Back by Howard Margulies, directed by Michael Beckett; starring Mary Dillon and Dov Tiefenbach. A world-famous playwright experiences the most painful interview of his career. And it kind of gets worse from there.

VenusVenus Hottentot by Ayshia Elizabeth Stephenson, directed by Ayshia E. Stephenson; starring Talya Sogoba, Callum LaFrance, and Leah Mertes. In this tragicomedy, possession of the body comes to the 21st Century.

Australia's Oldest Man by Kieran Carroll, directed by Clara Pagone; starring Timothy McCown-Reynolds and Clara Pagone. A black comedy about a hilariously grotesque 148 year-old man obsessed with Swedish pornography and annoying the Australian government.

ClickClick by R.G. Rader, directed by R.G. Rader; starring Stephanie Romero and Emanuel Cosme. A young war widow finds that love is remembered most in what she thought to be the trivial.

SmellyDirty Smelly Hairy by Cedric Allen Hills, directed by Shelly Ebner; starring Elissa Klie, Jakob Minevich, and Micheal Moss. Jeez you really smell bad. Does anybody know you're here?

Clearing MindClearing the Mind by Eva Patton, directed by Drew Vidal; starring Lauren Fivek, Cynthia Nesbit, and Amelia Windom. Twenty-something Lynn is caught between the two people closest to her. Can she stand up for who she really is and not lose one of them?

Happy DeeOh, Happy Dee! by Victor Vauban Junior, directed by Mary Tierney; starring Shannon O’Riordan and Jason Asher. Love is a force of nature. We can't control it. What can go wrong when love goes blind? What's there to see when there's no light?

WorthlessWorthless by Paris Crayton III, directed by Paris Crayton III; starring Daniel Boisrond, Marcus Williams, Crystin Gilmore, Amandine Thomas, and Jennifer Gegan. A young teen struggles to find his importance after the life of another young black teen is taken by the hands of the police.

American Bodies, Part l written and directed by Rammy Park; starring Felice Choi and Natalie Kim. It's just another day on the assembly line at the American Bodies Warehouse, the world's premier producer and exhibitor of poly-plastifilinated human remains, when a surprise delivery changes everything.

(Saturday, July 16, 9pm - Sunday, July 17, 2pm)

The LocalsThe Locals by Emily Dinova, directed by Gregory Cioffi; starring Gopal Divan and  Emily Dinova. "When you leave New York, you are astonished at how clean the rest of the world is. Clean is not enough."- Fran Lebowitz.

No One Saved Me written and directed by Leigh Fitzaimes; starring Constantin Tripes and Leigh Fitzjames. In this 'horrordy,' a controlling wife takes violent revenge on unsuspecting George, who comes home to a series of instructional post it notes.

SwipeSwipe "Hell No" by Fatima Cadet-Diaby, directed by Kimille Howard; starring Fatima Cadet-Diaby and Teetee Adetunji. When Tinder goes bad!

AlhzimersAlzheimer's Diary by Steve Gold, directed by Gyunhyeong Kim; starring Unhee Kim, Jiin Han, and Kailey Hong. Fog...always fog.

BatteryBattery Saver written and directed by Lilia Shrayfer, co-directed by Miranda Payne; starring Jessie Shinberg and Ben Korman. Two Live Millennials. Two Dead Phones. One Chance.

Hiding Bodies written and directed by Bear Kosik; starring Cheryl Brumley. Hiding bodies means you're having a kick@ss week! 

Stage Mom Stage Mom by Steven Hayet, directed by Luci Samp; starring Alexi Baker, Heidi Hackney, and Luci Samp. While waiting for their children to finish dance class, two moms sit and chat, sharing opinions, gossip, and everything but their daughters’ spotlight.

Tje Postman's LetterThe Postman's Letter written and directed by Cynthia Gray; starring Jennifer Enskat, Jenny Murray, and Drew Traxler. A woman is left waiting for news of her son.

OpponentsThe Opponents written and directed by Renee McNeil; starring Renee McNeil and Robert Bryson. Presidential candidates debate over whose the better candidate.

LuckyLucky written and directed by Nancy Méndez-Booth; starring Nancy Méndez-Booth. One Puerto Rican woman's history-making tale of economic prosperity, bird shit, and Charlie Rose.

BartenderConfessions of a Bartender by Eleanor Boddie, directed by Andrew T Carter; starring Eleanor Boddie. Midnight, Friday night in a Williamsburg bar, all stories are true, only the names have been changed.