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Production dates: Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16, 2017.
Venue: The WorkShop Theater's Jewel Box and Main Stage Theaters, 312 W. 36th St., NYC.

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July 2017 Lineup

PROGRAM A MAINSTAGE – Sat 7:00pm and Sun 4:30pm

Speed Court written and directed by Janet Conroy-Quirk and Sean Kerr; starring Janet Conroy-Quirk, Joshua Fulton, Nic Gomes, Sean Kerr, Kevin Magee, and Lucie Tripon. In the year 2055, the "right to a speedy trial" has a very different meaning. This real-time courtroom drama follows the story of one case, and the first day of a dark, new world. Justice Will Be Swift.

Symptoms by John Ladd, directed by Karla Denise Moore; starring Dale Davidson. It used to be said that "...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing..."  but in Symptoms, we will discover that "...a lot of knowledge can be a deadly thing...

Do You Understand What I'm Trying to Say by Howard Margulies, directed by David Leeper; starring Olivia Buckley and Howard Margulies. Jack and Belle vowed that their marriage would last until death did them part. One evening, Jack comes to realize that marriage vows aren’t necessarily set in stone.

Trumpettes Anonymous by Rex McGregor, directed by Alice Camarota; starring Janie Steele, Aimee Thrasher, Sarah Hewitt, Brie Brewer, and Lexie Marceron. Five women have formed a support group for recovering Trump voters. At tonight’s meeting one of them makes a surprise announcement. 

Joseph Receives Unsettling News written and directed by Rick Davis; starring Tom Colechin, Marian Thibodeau, and David Barney. The eternal triangle: Mary, Joseph, God (yikes).

Savior In A Satchel by Marcus Soman, directed by Elizabeth Audley; starring Kalen Rae Garnett, Amanda Nichols, and Alex Pappas. Dina and Lucy find a lost handbag, whose unusual contents turn out to be quite miraculous.

A House of One's Own: Elizabeth Bishop in Key West by Malcolm Willison, directed by Traci Bargen; starring Megan Ghorashy. Elizabeth Bishop (a U.S. Poet Laureate awarded numerous prizes and awards) spent a number of years in her late twenties and early thirties in Key West, where she had a house she loved. But she suffered increasingly from asthma, failed love affairs, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, and writer's block. In ten minutes, find out how she got through all these to emerge as a preeminent American poet.

Hitler's Mother written and directed by Burt Swartz; starring Burt Swartz. How could anyone defend Hitler. We found someone.

The Rise And Fall of Lucifer written and directed by Renee McNeil; starring Robert Bryson, Chelsea Clark, Alessio Araujo, and Angelo Mercado. Before man, there was an angel and his name was called Lucifer.

Blood written and directed by Yael Haskal; starring Brenda Crawley and Maria Loraine. Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water. A young woman with a rare blood type must make the ultimate donation decision: life or death for her abusive father.

PROGRAM B MAIN STAGE – Sat 9:00pm and Sun 2:30pm

Meeting Terry Gross written and directed by John Chatterton, starring John Chatterton and Nancy Redman. Seventy-year-old gay porn star Sumner Callahan (named for the Boston tunnels), aka the Chubby Bottom Dad, lands a coveted interview on NPR's "Fresh Air."

We All Begin Again
 by Cayenne Douglass, directed by Benjamin Abraham; starring Stephanie Miller and Timothy French. Ralph helps Isabelle come to terms with the death of her body as she struggles to learn that letting go is essential to all forms of transformation.

Australia's Oldest Woman
by Kieran Carroll, directed by Timothy McCown Reynolds; starring Clara Francesca and Timothy McCown Reynolds. Australia's Oldest Woman is 124, single, banned from nightclubs and looking for love online with men over 100!

Hair Ye, Hair Ye....
 written and directed by Baindu D.Kalokoh; starring Leilani Rosine and Baindu D. Kalokoh. A charismatic woman comically reflects upon the (mis)perceptions of her afro-textured hair.

God Bless Phyllis Schlafly 
by Amy Drake, directed by Roxy Knepp; starring Tameishia Peterson, Amy Greenblott, and Peter Sullivan. Bring a scorecard as two career women tally up wins and losses of the women's movement in America.

The Insemination Game
 written and directed by Brian Scanlan; starring Sara Parcesepe and Joseph Dalfonso. A couple tries to get pregnant. Hijinx ensue.

Baby Blue written and directed by Steven Carinci; starring David Carlson, Nathaniel D'Domenicus, and Dylan Wayne. How much are the eyeballs in the window?

by Anna Smith, directed by Kelly Lamanna; starring Josh. Coleman, Heather Lawson, and Hayden Stearns. friend's death reveals a sordid affair.

Phone Friend
 by Jonathan Josephson, directed by Jonathan Schlieman; starring Michael T. Brown and Hannah Karpenko. A wrong number in the middle of the night forges an unusual friendship... and a tortuous hurt.

Food That's Not From
A Can by Olivia Reevell, directed by Jay Gulotta; starring Sam Ogilvie and Chris Fennell. This is the end. And where else would you want to be but right here in your bed? 

PROGRAM A JEWEL BOX – Sat 6:30pm and Sun 4:00pm

Reminiscences by Laura Warfield, directed by Rosemary Foley; starring Karen Randazzo, Tracey Marble, and Elayne Mordoff. 3 sisters squirt the dirt on mom. 

 by Marjorie Conn, directed by Shela Xoregos; starring Andrew Cooksey and Marjorie Conn. An existential play in which 2 people are questioning existence and searching for expression.

Exhuming Oneself
  by Charles Finesilver, directed by Frank Thompson; starring Frank Thompson and Laurel Posey. From his parking lot grave did King Richard IIIrd rise, much to our discontent- but not to worry, it was short-lived.

Bella Napoli 
by Steve Gold, directed by Justin Gallagher; starring Shir Misan and Chris Rand. Two lonely people, one glorious town.

I Don't Know
 by James McLindon, directed by Ann Cooley; starring Gordon Penn, Fang Du, Tiffany Small Henderson, Amy Miyako Williams, and Andres Santiago Pina. An old-school drill sergeant takes his new recruits for a cadence-singing run … straight into a brave new world of political correctness.

by William K Hugel, directed and choreographed by Kelsey Head; starring Margaret Elizabeth Mann, Song Ravinan, and Kerry Blu. A play about the inevitable rise of the Powerful Woman.

Soul Mates
 written and directed by Suzann Capra; starring Carole Boniece and Carol Beaugard. "Breaking News": Proof discovered on how to find a Soul Mate.

Who Knew This Dating Thing Was So Hard? written and directed by Josiah Mullins; starring Alex Harris, Josiah Mullins, and Madeline Seagle. Have you ever had that moment where you wish you could share your relationship problems with someone? Tim and Patty have some talking to do

Leaving Home
 written and directed by Jon Kakaley; starring Alex Carmine, Ellen Karis, Ben Levine, and Dean Waters. A young man leaves a devout Christian home to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

Blackout written and directed by Lora Danley; starring Nick Daly and Zane Michael Powell. A city-wide power outage forces Jeremy and Tyler to confront the current state of their relationship.

PROGRAM B JEWEL BOX Sat 8:30pm and Sun 2:00pm

Inventing Facebook by John Pastore, directed by Peter D. Michael; starring Peter D. Michael and Bryce Alvord. A young entrepreneur pitches a seemingly bizarre concept for a website to a potential backer.

by Kimberly Alu, directed by Tom Colarusso; starring Kimberly Alu and Brian Ish. Distraught over a recent breakup, Abigail goes to the Brooklyn Bridge to jump but finds herself stalled by a homeless man wanting to chat.

Soft Landing
 written and directed by Dorothy Lyman; starring Lynn Small, Judy Durning, Gretchen Allison, and Jim Zukowski. Joyce and Siobhan want to fly to the Moon. Who’s stopping them?

Dear Departing
 by Francis Zucarello, directed by Lars Gerhard; starring Natalia Zvereva and Wendy Mae Shelton. An elderly woman, in a coma and near death, receives a final visit from her estranged but unapologetic daughter, yet the mother manages the last word.

 by Tom Coash, directed by Michael Rizzi; starring Jill Mary Goodrich and Bob Leonard.The question of sex raises its head when Doris and Harold, a nice older couple from Hackensack, visit the Chandela Temples in India, famous (or infamous) for their erotic carvings celebrating the KAMASUTRA religious rituals. Amidst the highly suggestive surroundings, Doris and Harold reexamine their love and marriage.

Mystery In White written and directed by Howard Lipson; starring Dick Nagle and David Sevensky. The future awaits. Is the spirit willing?

 Rooftop by Kushal Dhungana, directed by Kushal Dhungana and Pharaoh Knighton; starring Pilar Martinez and John Pigate. It's a quiet night on the rooftop; the perfect place for a couple to reflect on past marriages, lost love, and the pain in their lives.

by Barbara Bennion, directed by Howard Lipson; starring Joe Niola and David Sevensky. Hold on to your seats. The battle is about to begin.

First 100 Days
by Renée Baillargeon, directed by Melinda Jean Ferraraccio; starring Marcus Jones and Ashley Krysinski. As resident salt and pepper shakers in the white house dining room, Saul and Pep share their perspectives regarding the shenanigans of this presidency's first 100 days.

So, The Bunny
 written and directed by AdeRonke Adeyemi; starring Quint Latimer. It's hot. It's the Summer of 97. Social butterfly So, chats up a friend at a festival honoring a beloved musician and finds it more triggering than expected.