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SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-February 2015.

Dates for Short Play Lab: Mar 21-22; Apr. 25 – 26; May 23 – 24. All Labs will be
held at Roy Arias Studios and Theatres Stage II, 300 W. 43rd St. 4th floor.

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March 2015 Lineup

PROGRAM A: Sat. March 21, 7pm - Sun. March 22, 4pm

THE PANOPTICON by Andres Anton-Diaz, directed by Ian Herrin; starring Andres Anton-Diaz, Liam J.P. Selby and John Shepard. A fraternity pledge master struggles with the possible significance of a repressed desire he has for one of his pledges.

COMING HOME by John Ladd, directed by Dale Davidson; starring Dale Davidson, Bob Quinn, Laura Merrill and Nicholas Thomas. It was John Howard Payne who wrote: "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" - to which, COMING HOME - cautiously and emphatically- adds- "Oh, really?"

HYPER WHITE by Albert Andrew Garcia, directed by Albert Andrew Garcia; starring Gerome Samonte and Albert Andrew Garcia. And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is thy brother?

COLORED GIRLS WHO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE by Arthur W. French III, directed by Arthur W. French; starring Natasha Demosthene, Gabby Girma, Sean Turner, Tiffany Williams, and Kenya Wilson. Four Women find themselves talking about empowerment, but not what they thought!

PROFESSIONALS by Dominic Viti, directed by Dominic Viti; starring Kian Kavousi, Tia Link, Melanie Mahanna, Micah Stinson, and Kerim Verdi. Professionals is a comedic prod at the bile duct of the advertising industry.

A PIG DOG KITTEN-ISH BREED by Rebecca Lee Lerman, directed by Rebecca Lee Lerman, assistant directed by Loresa Lanceta; starring Katie Mariko Murray and Jaime Schwarz. Will Maggie find Fluffles? Will Adele audition for an offensive play? Together, these passionate sisters navigate their way through adulthood, trying to stay true to themselves and each other.

BRUISED by Fiona Gorry-Hines, directed by Fiona Gorry-Hines; starring Allison Weyler and Stephanie Hepner. Two sisters begin to rebuild trust and understanding in their relationship after loss.

MENAGE A TWAT by Gregory Cioffi, directed by Gregory Cioffi; starring Bradley Martocello and Catherine Cela. A mundane conversation between a passionless couple turns into a roller coaster ride after one of them brings up a taboo subject...

PROGRAM B: Sat. March 21, 9pm - Sun. March 22, 2pm

CARTE BLANCHE by Sophia Romma, directed by John Farrell; starring Cam Kornman, DeLance Minefee, Kyle Walton, Michelle Herring, Tim Haber, and JP Zippi. When a former screen siren fashions her image in the form of a Southern Belle from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, embarking upon a murderous crusade to collect young virile men, all hell breaks loose.

THE SUIT by Molly Kirschner, directed by Alexandra Zelman-Doring; starring Federico Mallet, Leo DeFriend, and Jessica Kazamel. Man is tried against his pride in the midst of financial and marital troubles.

SHANGRI-LA by Blake Walton, directed by Blake Walton; starring Gary Dooley, and Preston Fritz Smith. After their college reunion, former buddies recall a shared date with girlfriends at the Shangri-La Motel years ago and are surprised to find back then they had the same secret longing for each other.

CODE RED by Christopher Sirota, directed by Christipher Sirota; starring Cliff Hesse and Mario Claudio. They recalled a million cars... but couldn’t bring back Mack’s wife.

DESCENT by Sander Gusinow, directed by Sander Guisnow; starring Flynn Harne and Sara Minisquer. Love, lust, hatred, hubris, fame, failure, obsession, rejection, lies, discovery, new future... murder! ALL BEFORE THEY GET TO THE LOBBY.

MANDY & MADELEINE by Michael Newman, directed by Michael Newman; starring Jillaine Gill, Rachel Kitson, and Michael Newman. Mandy, hung over and a perpetual hot mess, tries to convince her best friend, Madeleine, that she is in love with her.

DEAR NATE by Ali Keller, directed by Jennifer Curfman; starring Will Clark and Julia Bilbao. Charlie tries to end her complicated “friendship" with Nate...through a construction paper Christmas card.

A PEACEFUL AFTERNOON by Beth Falcone, directed by Beth Falcone; starring Benton Sheeley and Beth Falcone. Stressed out and looking for new ways to cope, Amelia is trying a guided meditation this afternoon. Will she find the peace she is hoping for?