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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-March 2016.

Production dates: March 7 - 27, 2016.
Venue: Workshop Theater's The Jewel Box Theater, 312 W.36th Street, New York City 10036.

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March 7 - 27, 2016 Lineup

Program A: Saturday, March 12, 7pm - Sunday, March 13, 4pm
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MacSpinMACSPIN by Seth Freeman, directed by Noelle Wilson; starring Deborah Twiss, Karl Wittmann, Dylan Blue, and Jennifer Plotzke. Smiting and slaying have to be put on holdwhen a high profile couple’s PR and domestic issues are handled by a slick pairof experts, in the eleventh century.




GoldenCONNECTING THE DOTS by John Ladd, directed by Eric Leeb; starring Eric Leeb. How would you feel if you showed up for work one day - as the conscientious employee that you are - and discovered that because you were just ”connecting the dots“ certain elements of an international conspiracy wanted you dead?

At the AirportAT THE AIRPORT by Suzann Capra, directed by Suzann Capra; starring Carole Boniece and David Berman. Help! I lost my airline tickets!


ConCOINCIDENCE by Ledia Xhoga, directed by Andy Baldeschwiler; starring Laura Delhauer and Ryan Rickenbach. Domenic has come to meet his girlfriend's family, but while alone on the balcony with Clara, his girlfriend's sister, memories of a past meeting haunt them both.


LouisesLOUISE'S PLACE by Eleanor Herman, directed by Eleanor Herman; starring Elizabeth Maille and Nathaniel Ryan. A quick glance at the provocative lifestyle of the rich 'n famous.




by Joe Starzyk, directed by Michael Boyd; starring David Goldstein and Kelly Bedwell. Norman and Mabel have been together for so long they know everything there is to know about each other...or do they?



ArrangementTHE ARRANGEMENT by Howard Margulies, directed by Howard Margulies; starring David Leeper, Florence Marcisak, and Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt. A twisted comedy in the spirit of Durang and Ives about two women, the perfect idiot, and a perfectly insane plan to change all their lives.



Monumental MenMONUMENTAL MEN by Donald Orwald, directed by Eric Leeb; starring Liana Afuni, Marie Cuoco, Ed Ryan, and Joseph Sexton. How do you keep your heritage alive when you're dying for a Hershey bar?


The Old StatesTHE OLD STATES by Lain Kienzle, directed by Lain Kienzle; starring Kim Taff and Daniel Yaiullo. As the snowstorm of the decade hits her small farmhouse, Mildred finds a stranger collapsed at her doorstep. After she begrudgingly lets him in, she's forced to confront the possibility that she may actually want to leave that door open.


TrashTRASH by Justice Hehir and Alyssa Krompier, directed by Justice Hehir and Alyssa Krompier; starring Justice Hehir and Alyssa Krompier. When two young women are stationed to pick up trash on the side of the highway for court-mandated community service, they find common ground as they sift through things left behind, discarded, or misplaced. *Adult content/nudity.



I Brokeup...I BROKE UP WITH MY GIRLFRIEND AT A BLACK LIVES MATTER RALLY, by Arthur W. French III, directed by Arthur W. French III; starring Nzingtha Smith , Delvin Williams, Tiffany Williams, and Robert Wright. A guy breaks up with his girlfriend at an event, and gets help from an unexpected person.


PROGRAM B: Saturday, March 12, 9pm - Sunday, March 13, 2pm
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PosturingPOSTURING by Jason Kurtz, directed by Brett Douglas; starring Dayna Kurtz, Glen Feinstein, and Mia Gladieux. What happens when a narcissistic yoga teacher comes to class with a broken heart?



A RockyA ROCKY RELATIONSHIP by Chip Bolcik, directed by Betsy True; starring Adam Towers, Kirsty Sadler, and Emily Dalton. A Rocky Relationship tells the story of a young couple who have to get lost to find that you should never take love for granite.



Love LucyLEAVE IT TO LUCY LOVING by Debbie Lannen, directed by Debbie Lannen; starring Chandler St. Aubin, Kyle Coykendall, and Joe Lannen. Having relationship problems? Feeling ignored? Unappreciated? Call Lucy Loving! Results guaranteed.

StoopidOK STOOPID! by Troy Diana, directed by Troy Diana; starring Joel Diaz. Ok Stoopid! explores one man’s trials and tribulations of dating in the age of technology.



SkipSKIP by Mason Reich, directed by Mason Reich; starring Kenny Fedorko, Sara Laursen, Lauren M. Collins, and Devra Seidel. A couple. A ring. Their kiss and-





Blink an eyeBLINK OF AN EYE by Amy Drake, directed by Paul David Miller; starring Sara Minisquero, Laura Winston, and Paul David Miller. Mushroom hunting scientists discover a lodger in a desolate country cabin.




SmileCAMP SMILE POWER: CURING ANGER ONE SMILE AT A TIME by Amanda Erin Miller, directed by Annie Barry; starring Amanda Erin Miller. Fifteen-year-old Kevin does a presentation about anger management at Camp Smile Power in this end-of summer event hosted by the camp director, Joanne (a broom puppet).


Russian PassionRUSSIAN PASSION by Yaakov Bressler, directed by Zachary Stamp; starring Flynn Harne, Grisha Reydler, and Marina Reydler. Russian Passion is a comedy of errors where a Russian novelist wrongly enters a Pornography Addiction fellowship, only upon realizing she’s in the wrong place, tries to stay.


MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by Lilly Bolton, directed by Elana Safar; starring Samuel Ellis and Holly Payne-Strange. A woman haunted by the death of a plate and the husband that loves her for it - this is the story of a very odd pair that manage to work though the strangest problems.


The After PartyTHE AFTER PARTY by Kimberly Skoda, directed by Kimberly Skoda; starring Anjelica Fellini, Lucas Womack, and Stephanie Hirsh. An actress finds herself at a crossroads in her career and must learn to let go of the past or lose her career.