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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-February 2015.

Dates for Short Play Lab: Mar 21-22; Apr. 25 – 26; May 23 – 24.
May Lab will be at The Elektra Theatre I, 300 W.43rd Street, 2nd floor, NYC, NY.

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May 23 - 24 Lineup

shortlab-artPROGRAM A, SATURDAY 7pm - SUNDAY 4pm

Film Sonnet 5: La Passion de la Souffrance by Ericka Mitton, directed by Jade Rojas; starring Lily Icangelo, Katharine Pettijohn, Reema Sampat, and Ivan Shastak. La Passion is the hottest burlesque/strip club in all of Paris, it's all fun and games until a young man pays a visit.

An Excerpt from the Book of Adam by John Ladd, directed by Liana S. Afuni; starring Andrew Danish,Timothy Balsamo, and Liana S. Afuni. An Excerpt from the Book of Adam, gives us - in Adam’s own words - a new - and fresh - understanding of what really happened in The Garden of Eden.

When the Mocha Latte Hits the Fan by Arthur French III, directed by Natasha Lynn Tucker; starring Ebbe Bessey, Darek Black, and Chris Raglin. An encounter with a mysterious lady at a neighborhood Starbucks.

A Visit from Breitenberg by Charles Durgin, directed by Christen Omantra Callahan; starring Matthew Carlson, Shannon Lower, and Paul Merwin. Stranded in war-torn Austria with a volatile Nazi husband. Two beautiful children. One conclusion.

The Off Chance by Teri Foltz, directed by Teri Foltz, starring Melissa Keller and Chris Payne. Sometimes you just have to share your dirty laundry.

Really? by Race Brown, directed by Clifford Berry; starring KL Thomas, Chris D'Amato, Simoné Bart, and Marcus Desion. A web of secrets and lies with deadly consequences...
Really deadly consequences...No seriously... Dead.


The Woman who Wanted to Marry a Bear by Tom Dunn, directed by Tom Dunn; starring Sally Nutt, Carson Dunn, Mary Armstrong, Bob Robertson, and Heidi Dunn. A woman who just wants to marry a bear.  Will "they" allow her to do so?

And Through Kim We Are Saved by Elaine Alexander, directed by Amy Elizabeth Bennett; starring Allyson Boate, Renee Kay, and Kyria Abrahams. Two Venice Beach roller-blading "missionaries” implore a cynical middle-aged woman to find fulfillment by joining their “Church of Celebrity Worship."

Chosen by Shari Umansky, directed by Shari Umansky; starring Sean Segerstrom and
Gerry Glennon. John Crisdell awakens from an overdose and is being held at the Vatican against his will.

Sip and Savor by Thavma Terrestris Phillips, directed by Thavma Terrestris Phillips; starring Thavma Terrestris Phillips, Taylor Freeman, and Kourtney Kelly. Three best friends go from sipping coffee together to risking their lives to help one of them let go of her habit of hanging from the George Washington Bridge.

According To Me by Sara Laursen, directed by Angie Kristic; starring Lauren Collins, Angelia Golden, and Mason Reich. One blind date, he said, she said. What really happened?