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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-February 2015.

Production dates: Nov 7 - 8.
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W.36th St.

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Nov 7 - 8 Lineup

spl-art90 Days by Rolando Sanchez, directed by Rolando Sanchez; starring Kate McGarrigle and Daniel Joseph Kausch. A father seeks approval and forgiveness from his estranged daughter, but at what cost?

The Choice by John Ladd. If you are genetically destined for oblivious senility, would you be able to make the same choice that Anna and Steven make in The Choice?

Malaise by Marcus Scott, directed by Justin Schwartz; starring Khadim Diop. Two men meet at a Brooklyn apartment, first to catch up over drinks before one reveals a secret to the other that will change both of their lives forever.

Triple Played by Arthur French III, directed by Robert Wright; starring Gabby Girna, Tiffany Williams, and Robert Wright. A guy gets more than he bargained for with his steady "Girlfriends."

What Will Happen to Daisy? by Patti Cassidy, directed by Megan Smith; starring Valentine Aprile. Zelda Fitzgerald finally reveals the Great Gatsby's true story- but is it too late?

Sailorboy by Neville Elder, directed by Neville Elder, assistant director Freda Mattea; starring Lauren Wickel, Eric Svendsen, and Mckenna Cox. When Anita steps into the murky world of online sex work, her love life goes into free-fall.

Sides Please by Race Brown, directed by Clifford Berry; starring KL Thomas,
Marcus Desion, Cody Gallagher, Walter Kemp-Edwards, and Masonya Berry. Death of the Monologue.


Model Behavior by Amy Drake, directed by Paul David Miller; starring Paul David Miller, Eric Montgomery, and Meghan Jane Condran. Two mannequins, one size zero and her new partner, a “real” size 14, debate their place in the modern retail clothing industry.

6 Fingers by Mike Fresta, directed by Mike Fresta; starring Meshari Alharbi and Mike Fresta. After an unusual death Nick wakes up and encounters Michael, and has only 10 minutes to convey his last dying wish to him before he drifts away into the afterlife.

Did You Say - Eat? by Suzann Capra, directed by Suzann Capra; starring Julia Morgantini and Marc Gettis. Let's use our fingers....

The End As We Know It by Howard Margulies, directed by Michael Beckett; starring Mary Dillon, Sam Nakhleh, Dov Tiefenbach, and Kelly Sindell. A 10-minute comedy about relationships, Funyuns, and the end as we know it.

Down by the River by Peregrine Chase, directed by Claire Edmonds; starring Zak Houston and Jacob Dresch. "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. John 4:14"

Intruder by Christopher Sirota, directed by Jay Michaels; starring Toby Klein and Costin Becheanu with Tyler Downey. Did you remember to lock the door?

It's Chill by Isabelle Barbier, directed by Isabelle Barbier; starring Sara Duplancic, Eleonore Ley, Mike Malanga, and Isabelle Barbier. It's Annie's 24th birthday, and all but two of her friends have ditched her. Though she's trying to be cool, inside it kills her. All the character's in the play remain calm and collected on the surface but meanwhile reveal their true feelings through asides to the audience.