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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

The next SPL will run the weekend of Oct 29 and 30, 2016.

Production dates: Oct 29-30, 2016.
Venue: The WorkShop Theater's, Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th St., NYC

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PROGRAM A (Saturday, October 29, 7pm - Sunday, October 30, 4:30pm)

dollface by Robert LoManto, directed by Rich Sab; starring Julie Trapanese and Joe DiBartolo.
...I pray the Lord my soul to keep...

Living The Mundane Life by John Ladd, directed by Eileen Walsh; starring Sandra Toll and Don Steup. A glimpse of what happens when you take the hopes and dreams of a hopeful—and possibly even attainable—tomorrow, and turn it inside out.

Witchhazel by Leonard D. Goodisman, directed by Kristofer Kauff; starring Paige Taylor and Jay Cobian. She says the place is haunted; and then he "knows" it is, very haunted.

Happy Halloween, Harry Houdini by Matt Sanders, directed by Liana Afuni; starring Eric Leeb and Jesica Levi. On Halloween, two amateur magicians, Wendell and Mimi, meet at Houdini's grave: will it be trick or treat?

A Bitter Pill by Howard Margulies, directed by and starring David Leeper and Howard Margulies. A Park Avenue physician encounters a new patient in this mordant comedy about the science of modern medicine and the art of sweet revenge. Sometimes, a visit to the doctor’s office can be detrimental to one's health.

One Life at a Time by Olivia Reevell, directed by Olivia Reevell; starring Gabrielle Adkins, Colin York, Tom O'Boyle, and featuring Arlo and Jules Bernstein. What happens after death? Where do we go? Do we simply return to the earth that made us? Or maybe there is something bigger than that, something that keeps us driving forward in life.

Comfort Woman by Steve Gold, directed by Justin Gallagher; starring Miaojuan Chen, Jose Gamo, and Teruaki Akai. Two lonely people, one World War.

On The Brink of Darkness by Paul Joseph Gulino, directed by Alejandra Venancio; starring Anna Paratore and Kate German. What happens if you have second thoughts about joining a Satanic Cult?

Tricks by Danielle Fenton, directed by Francesca Rizzo; starring Deirdre Brennan, Tony Mowatt, Ardes Quinn, and Al Sutton. A blind date. Halloween. What could go wrong?

Suspicion, Obsession, Paranoia, Marriage by Ivan Faute directed by Christina Ashby; starring Joseph Thomas, Danielle Rabinovitch, DeAnna Supplee, and David Andrew Laws. The world is chock full of threats - Zombies! Aliens! Your Spouse!

Pickup written and directed by Jessica Pollack; starring Alex Andrews, Rachel Arac, and Brian Weiss. Pickup is an amusing look at the obstacles that New York women encounter daily, in the form of pickup attempts, as they simply try to navigate their lives -- and a look at what that does to our walls, our assumptions and judgments, and how we decide who are the nice guys. 

PROGRAM B (Saturday, October 29, 9:30pm - Sunday, October 30, 2pm)

Edward's Closet by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton, directed by Johnny Culver; starring Lauren Amick, David Meyers, Eric Leeb, Mike Miller, and Lauren Snyder. All Edward wants is a good night's sleep before his Little League practice, but wayward monsters keep storming out of his closet.

Hook-Up written and directed by Burton Swartz; starring Burton Swartz. Hook-Up is a play about a guy fixing his friend up for a date.

The Double Heart by Renee McNeil, directed by Renee McNeil; starring Robert Bryson and Chelsea Clark. A man receives another part of a heart, but is he capable of living with it?

Three Characters and The Speed of Light by Gloria Craig, directed by Dennis Gleason; starring Edwina Morales, Brett Radek, Cody Jordan, and Dan Cake. Three characters suspended in the spirit world are led to the light after they help a writer complete her 10-minute play.

Lament by Begonya Plaza, directed by Jonathan Libman; starring Cooper Lawrence, Rolando Chusan, and Solonje Burns. This is the New York of not too long ago, when same-sex marriage was still illegal, thus encouraging homophobia, and another pretext for hypocrisy and greed. Many states, and countries still ban LGBT rights.

In a World ... Where Donald Trump is President by Lisa L. Kirchner, directed by Charles Sanchez; starring Rosa Chapa, Roberto Tolentino, and Jorge Chapa. In A World… Where Donald Trump is President takes place in a so-called camp along TexMex border, where the Residents have just learned the promise of citizenship has been denied.

She's not the Bride of Frankenstein Anymore by Elaine Alexander, directed by Amy Bennett; starring Anna Rand, Cesar Cova, Pierre Hawley, M.L. Josepher. A newly "single and loving it" Bride Of Frankenstein goes speed dating but soon discovers that the bar scene is a nightmare.

The Secret Song written and directed by Suzann Capra; starring Emma Kotkin, Gesi Gesterkamp, and Carole Boniece. The spirits are whispering but you can only hear them if you have a secret song.

Lies In-Between written and directed by Ellany Kincross; starring Ellany Kincross and Alex Katz. Jeremy and Marlena are dealing with an infidelity in their marriage. Is each one of them saying what they truly mean or what they think the other wants to hear?

Buried by Tracey Jane Smith, directed by Stephanie Wilson; starring MacKenzie Jones, Jacob Waldron, and Claire Hayner. The deepest love is the hardest to bury.