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John Chatterton Presents

Program A: Sat. Nov 22, 7 pm and Sun. Nov 23, 4 pm

Our Little Angel by Steven Korbar, directed by Tyler Spicer; starring Will Graziano and Bailey Thompson. A young couple duke it out for the spoils of their two year old daughter's Halloween candy.

The In-Between Time by John Ladd, directed by Dale Davidson; starring Dale Davidson and Natalia Ivana Escobar. The In-Between Time explores the question - Is there a plane between life and death? And, if there is, who occupies it and what goes on there?

Do The Crime by Thomas Quinn, directed by Thomas Quinn; starring Douglas Wycoff and Teresa Wycoff. When you've done the time all you want is to do the crime.

Get The Firehouse! by Arthur W. French III, directed by Arthur W. French III; Michael Andrews and Justine Hall. A workout turns into a comedy of errors.

What's Wrong With This Picture? by John McCaffrey, directed by Mark Singer; starring Mark Singer and John McCaffrey. Find out why fashionistas make poor terrorist hunters.

Want to Hold Your Hand by Brian Leahy Doyle, directed by John Camera; starring David Ryan and Aubrey Clinedinst. Saying goodbye is never easy for Colleen and Rory... Particularly since Rory lives in a world of his own.

The Encounter by Albert Bramante, directed by Renee McNeil; starring Michael Silas and Justine J Hall. One man and one encounter with a woman that will change his life forever.

Program B: Sat. Nov 22, 9 pm and Sun. Nov 23, 2 pm

Macbeth Abridged by Donald Orwald, directed by Ted Wrigley; starring Mark Badaczewski, Laura Hartin, Medha Joshi, and Jennifer Chaky. They're Scottish and they're spooky, they're bloody and they're ooky, they're also kind of kooky, the Macbeth family!

Prisoners of War - The Hostage by John Ladd, directed by Alaina Hammond; starring Dale Davidson, Natalia Ivana Escobar, and Alaina Hammond. If for some reason you were lucid moments before you were about to die, how would the circumstances of your impending death, fashion your final thoughts?

Kiru by Zoe Kamil, directed by Zoe Kamil; starring Jack Hamelburg and Marissa Perez. A couple is tested on the eve of their wedding as they confront a very peculiar elephant in the room.

Clench Your Fists by Jon Weissberg, directed by Kevin O'Callaghan; starring Ryan Guess and Brooks Applegate. Don't be offended by Eli Dial's candor.

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Dean Preston, directed by Dean Preston; starring Ry Forest and Jon Paul. A strange loop on the fate of the universe.

Leaving Nic by Connie Schindewolf, directed by Christen Omantra Callahan; starring Rebecca Beberaggi and Max Pettit. Sue's fiance gives her an ultimatum, quit cigarettes or the wedding is off. Can Sue leave "NIC?"