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John Chatterton's Short Play Lab

SPL Shows/Venues

This page is reserved for listings of the next Lab’s shows. We will list shows and the venue as soon as the next Lab’s program is set, planned in mid-February 2015.

Production dates: Sep 19 - 20.
Venue: The Davenport Theatre, Black Box, 354 W.45th St. NYC 10036.

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Sep 19 - 20 Lineup

spl-artProgram A: Sat. 7 pm and Sun. 4 pm

Routine & Discipline by Kris Ann Barbera, directed by Kris Ann Barbera; starring Cassiopia Coyne. A quirky, obsessive, clueless middle aged woman desperately clutching to her routines, disciplines, fading youth and beauty is exasperated by an inability to capture true love..

Gut Level by John Ladd, directed by Eric Leeb; starring Liana Afuni, Tatiana Birenbaum, and, Isabella Pacanins. Forget about searching for extraterrestrial intelligence! Forget about exoplanets! There is intelligent life in our guts! Gut Level will amaze you how intelligent- and how much like us- these life-forms can be!

Queensboro Bridge by Katarina Behrmann, directed by Katrina Behrmann; starring Kevin Broomfield and Katarina Behrmann. Two strangers, a cab, and unexpected surprise...

Ski and Ari by Arthur W. French III, directed by Arthur W. French III; starring Kyle Carter and Kenya. Two inanimate objects come to life, as they revisit Trayvon Martin's shooting.

The List by Ethan Ness, directed by Ethan Ness; starring Ethan Ness and Abbie Krentz. Ray and Becky are breaking up. They want to keep it 'civil,' but then Ray reminds Becky that she still owes him ten dollars...

Morning of the Wedding by Maia A. Matsushita, directed by Max Hunter; starring Emma Orme. Her dad is getting married today... But who's going to break the news to her mom?

Cab Girl by Jamie Lerner, directed by Camie Gillespie; starring Jamie Lerner. Cab Girl questions what it means to be a 20-something woman in modern-day society told through one woman's words, thoughts, and over-analyzed anecdotes throughout a typical day.

Program B: Sat. 9 pm and Sun. 2 pm

On Pace by Ray Nelson, directed by Blayze Teicher; starring Richard Clodfelter, Paula Gates, and Jonathan Lee-ReyIn. In an effort to regain control of his life, Dale decides to outrun his wife in an upcoming 5-K, even with a new pace maker implanted in his chest.

Kinsey by Jessica Moss, directed by Jessica Moss; starring Jessica Moss. Kinsey is 14. And she's having a crap of a time.

Ashes by Leonard D. Goodisman, directed by Katherine Wilkins; starring Sophia Mahmoud and Rishi Mukherjee. A woman sneaks into the apartment where her son, maybe recently deceased, and his partner were living. She wants something, badly, but does she know what?

Woman Up by Kelly Canavan, directed by Emily Canavan; starring Emily Canavan and Anika Harden. Two people on a trip must put aside their tearful socio-political analysis and resolve the problems they are maybe potentially facing before they reach their final destination. A comedy, of sorts.

The Cellers by EJ Sepp, directed by EJ Sepp; starring Nicoletta DeRose and Mark Richard Goldman. Kent just wants his phone to work but the folks at HappyPhone don't seem to care. Or do they?

Anna by Susie Neilson, directed by Susie Neilson; starring Alison Maddren and Benjamin Howe. A young woman handles everything her "sensitive" ex-boyfriend can throw at her.

For the Love of Rosa by R.G. Rader, directed by R. G. Rader; starring Chanis Reyes and Jason G. Rader. A story of friends—The love (and hate) of a lifetime in ten minutes.

Invisible of the Sidewalk by Ran Xia, directed by Ran Xia and  Mary St. Angelo; starring Kara Hankard, Andrew Dunn, and Nichole Jorgensen. They are the despised, the unnoticed, the lost, where the sidewalk disappears into the unknown.